4 August 2007

This Time The Stewards Threw The Horse Down At Woodbine

Yesterday's 8th race at Woodbine, a clipped heels accident resulted in a disqualification, unlike the one last week, when an accident resulted in the death of a horse. Were the stewards pressured into yesterdays decision from all the heat they took last week? Probably. Last weeks decision only promotes dangerous riding, which is bad for the sport all around.
But maybe they just flipped a coin, and this time it was tails instead of heads.

Grand River to begin pilot project where the groom gets 1% of the purse received by a horse for running Ist to 5th. It will be done on a voluntary basis. Owners and trainers must agree to it. Grooms will also be listed in the Grand River program.
Great idea. Grooms deserve credit.

Workers at Sudbury Downs on strike. No racing in the meantime.

Todd Gray's 10 year suspension for EPO upheld. Fine reduced.

ORC demands CPMA release all Aminorex Docs having to do with their ongoing investigation

Tracknet signs deal with offshore betting shops. Only people who bet over $1 million a year will be able to get rebates. This just goes to show the idiocy that goes on in the horse racing industry. Check this quote out by Scott Daruty, chief executive officer of TrackNet: “There are people out there that bet tens or hundreds of millions of dollars into racetrack pools, and they’re not racetrack guys. They’re financial or mathematical geniuses who have figured out a very sophisticated way of playing this game,” Daruty said. “These are guys I think we need to encourage.”
Bite me, Tracknet.

Brisbet gave a 10% rebate on Mountaineer last night. Times are changing for the bettor (pun).

Language Harmful to US Thoroughbred Shipping Stripped From New US Government Bill

Emerald Casino closes in Saskatoon

Brian Hollingsworth, a jockey at Clark County Fair in Illinois sweeps the card. He won all 8 races. He rides at Ellis Park today; home of the 4% Win Four takeout.

Betfair voids bet on possibly rigged tennis match. They received 10 times their regular action on the match and most of it was bet on the underdog.


Kilmoganny (1st WO)
Banker's Street (3rd WO)
Hot As Ice (4th WO)
True Jean (6th WO)
Jimmy the Link (5th FE)
Onother Reptile (7th FE)
Sparkman (8th FE)

Tomorrow: I tried to make heads or tails out of the Breeders, and I found myself eliminating most of the field in order to find a contender or two. I like It's A Danzig by default with Marchfield staggering for place.

Veyana (4th WO)
Dancer's Bajan (5th WO)
Victory Romance (7th WO)
Saffi (8th WO)

Campari (2nd FE) I have this horse by 9 lengths
Cashin Ashes (3rd FE) I have him by 4 lengths
Reflects Ridge (4th FE)
Dream Treasure (6th FE) By 6 lengths
Bates Bold Beauty (8th FE)

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