14 September 2007

More On Fort Erie, The Green Monkey, And Some NFL Picks

Fort Erie town give OLG October 10th deadline to commit to Fort Erie race track over the next two years.
The reality is that OLG doesn't seem to care if Fort Erie just became a slot parlour only. Also, what I find questionable is that Nordic is supposedly willing to invest $300 million if they get the commitment, which includes $3 million a year to Nordic.
I ask, why does Nordic need the $3 million if they are so confident to put in $300 million. It makes no sense. And why didn't they do something along these lines when they were making a lot more off the slots? In fact, they did nothing to expand the horse racing side (why do they still piggyback through HPI?), and they've barely maintained the place (most of the barns in the backstretch need painting badly for example).
Don't get me wrong. One of the main purposes of slots was to make racing economical for the workers in the industry. Fort Erie is an exception because it is the only other racetrack in Ontario. It is the only dirt track (many horses just don't like the Polytrack). And if you think about it, slots have a takeout of around 10% on average. The horsemen get 1% of all that is bet in the slots throughout a year. They get at least 10 times that much on every dollar bet on horses. What I am trying to say is that the slots takes a lot of potential money from gamblers who might bet horse racing if slots were not available, and the OLG makes most of that money.
I feel very strongly that it is the OLG's obligation to make sure horse racing stays economical, and they should give up $4-$6 million a year directly to the purse accounts. It will make a world of difference.
Of course, I still say that Nordic should get squat. I strongly believe that Nordic has zero intention of putting in one more dime it isn't forced to into the race track. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it. I think they are just trying to get the commitment so that they can sell the place at an inflated price to a sucker, before they even put a shovel into the ground. The $3 million they are asking for will give make their asking price rise up quite a bit.
New ownership is needed. I just don't see building condos next to truck fumes off the QEW has any chance to work. People won't come to Fort Erie because of condos and slots. Maybe in 5000 years when Niagara Falls has eroded to be located where Fort Erie is now, will this plan have a chance.

Ontario Racing Commission teams up with Crime Stoppers

Larry Todd, former vice chair of ORC condemns ORC for issuing a statement that appears to be a threat to anyone who is looking to appeal a decision.

The Green Monkey will finally run on Saturday. Will this be his only race before he is retired to stud?

The Woodbine Mile attracted 3 millionaires and a few soon to be millionaires. I like Becrux to repeat his last year's performance.

Underrated sire Maria's Mon dead at 14.

Stallion Dixieland Brass dies in BC at 21

Bettor's group getting impatient with ADWs. All ADWs should carry all races and let the bettor decide who they want to bet with.


So far so good. I went 2 wins and 1 push for Week 1.

Take San Fran and the 3 points against St. Louis. I think San Fran will do well this year. Look for Alex Smith to take more chances.

Tampa Bay getting 3 points against New Orleans. This point spread looks low, even though it is in Tampa. I won't be surprised if Tampa wins by double digits.

Arizona getting 2 and a half against Seattle. Arizona offense looked bad in San Fran. I think they too are an up and coming team, but I thought that last year too. The line is taunting players to take Seattle, I think that Arizona wins outright.

The big question is how will the Patriots do without spying on the other team's signals. I just don't see how this is a problem. Baseball coaches have been known throughout history to steal opposing coaches signals. Catchers do it as well. And think of all the players in the NFL that switch teams throughout the year with the knowledge of their former team's playbook.
Stealing signals is just part of the game.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cangamble..

Not sure if this is old news, but on the horseplayerinteractive site, it now offers video replays for all tracks i believe.

It's overdue, but at least a step in the right direction..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'm surprised they haven't advertised it yet. It must be real new.
Jennifer Morrison hasn't even reported it.
What is the big secret?