17 September 2007

Replays Available For HPI Customers

HPI now has free replays up for members. Many tracks are available including Fort Erie. Looks like Race Replays will lose quite a few Canadian clients. WEG is keeping the replays a secret so far. Why?

ORC releases applications for 2008 race dates. Fort Erie is exempt with an extension because of ongoing talks with the OLG. WEG looking to reduce harness dates by cutting back on 16 Sunday cards.

Shakespeare Runneth The Mile Fastest

Magna may sell Santa Anita

Biancone's vet Stewart gets a five year vacation

Raffetto backtracks a bit on his track takeout experiment comments.

Massachusetts Governor wants casinos: Suffolk will apply for slots

Ohio tracks installing disputed "games of skill" that resemble slots

37,500 live foals expected for North American thoroughbred industry. Over 36,000 reported to date.


Anonymous said...

Truly enjoy reading your comments on racing, reduced take-outs and the Fort Erie dilemma, and appreciate the work and effort you put into your blog.

Any news re: Fort Erie?

Anonymous said...

It appears that progress is being made: Decision on Fort Erie Race Track's future?
Proponents of redevelopment project at racetrack hopeful next round of negotiations yields results

A long-sought decision that would end uncertainty about the Fort Erie Race Track's future may be at hand.

High-level meetings continue between track owner Nordic Gaming and Ontario Lottery and Gaming, with another round of negotiations set to take place later this week.

While no deal has been inked, parties on both sides of the talks say progess is being made. “I am confident a decision will be made in the next two or three weeks,” said Stephen Ayres, a representative for Nordic, a day after he sat in on a meeting at the racetrack with representatives from OLG to discuss the owner’s investment proposal into the facility and a means of saving live racing in Fort Erie for next year.

“It was an upbeat and positive meeting. The picture is getting brighter – we are not out of the woods yet, but the OLG understands the urgency we are in to get a deal done and they are looking favourably on our entire proposal.”

Karl Gagesch, senior vice-president of development with OLG, shares Ayres’ optimism, but fell short of making a commitment during an interview with The Review, Tuesday.

“We have met with the principles several times and we are making progress – we like the project and we understand the urgency from the horsemen’s side of things to get a decision on this matter as soon as possible,” he said. “But it’s difficult for me to say whether I am confident or not that a decision will be made in the next few weeks because there is a process in place and we are following that process.”
I just don't see Nordic putting in $300 million of their own money.....let alone 10 cents.