21 September 2007


Monday's meeting between Fort Erie and OLG leaves Fort Erie cautiously optimistic

OLG may not decide in time for next years schedule of race dates.
Again, giving 4 or 5 million a year to the purse accounts should be a no-brainer, but since when does a government organization give an owner of a business a handout. I can maybe see giving Nordic a million or two to spend specifically on track upgrades: fixing and painting the backstretch and maybe the race tracks roof for starters. But even that should be the owner's responsibility. Nordic needs to go for horse racing to have a bright future in Fort Erie.

Buffalo casino plans continue to progress It looks like Buffalo's majority haven't been able to stop it. Buffalo is doomed now. Indian casinos are not the way to go.

Seneca Nations names new President

ORC fines Kawartha Downs for stalling the placing of wagering funds into the purse account

ORC dismisses Friedman's Application

Magna Entertainment plans to sell land adjacent to Laurel Park

Jockey Enrique Jurado injured at Presque Isle Downs after winning on a favorite who broke down after the wire.

Comedy Time: I have a feeling this guy is living single right now (language warning!):

In Week Two I went 3 and 0, upping my year record to 5 wins, no losses and a push.

This week looks very hard. The only dominant team out there is New England, and they are favored by over two TDs over the luckless Bills. Can't touch that game, but if you must the Bills have a tendency to lose by 3 or less.

Here are my picks:

KC looks like a team that won't win a game this year. Well they are gonna beat Minny by more than 2 on Sunday.

Denver is going to roll over Jacksonville. Give the 3 and a half points and enjoy the shellacking.

And look for Tennessee to maybe even beat the New Orleans Saints. Take the 5 points on Monday night. Last year was last year.

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