4 September 2007

Presque Isle Downs Opens: Crowd Bet $8 Per Head

Presque Isle Downs opens. They had over 15,000 in the crowd, and they averaged betting around $8 per person. It doesn't seem that the crowd had any interest in betting, or maybe they were too unsophisticated and intimidated. Bloggers who went to Presque Downs don't seem to impressed.

David Piques continues the Fort Erie tradition started by owner Robert Elkins in 1996 and takes a plunge into the infield pond after winning the Puss N Boots with Silver Strip.
I wonder if Fort Erie keeps records of the jumpers. Has anyone ever done it more than once?

Border inspections at the Peace Bridge have gone up from an average of 54 seconds to 75 seconds in just one year. Another reason that discourages people from going to Fort Erie Race Track. One more reason: Buffalo casino expands hours of operations.

Fort Erie has a Save Our Track campaign going on now. What they badly need is the government to pressure the OLG into give up another 10% of the casino profits directly into the purses. Oh, and they need new ownership ownership as well, owners who care about horse racing.

If you think you are passionate about horse racing, read this blogger's final post. No one is as passionate as this guy.

Australian Equine Influenza update

Hastings jockey Pedro Alvarado suspended indefinitely for jumping off his mount in 6th race and bolting off the track. Alvarado has been the leading jockey in four of the last five seasons at Hastings. The incident will be investigated but so far nobody is saying anything. Was it crack or diarrhea?

Toronto City Hall shoots down the idea of a Toronto owned casino. This is ridiculous considering the size of Toronto and the fact that casinos are legal in Ontario and that the city is having financial problems. Maybe this will open the door for Woodbine to be able to expand. Still, a better location than Woodbine is needed if the government is to take back some of the business they are losing to internet casinos, which doesn't make them a dime.

Bodog.com changes name to Newbodog.com after patent infringement ruling.

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