8 September 2007

Stronach Realizes Racing Can't Survive Without Slots

Magna Entertainment puts Thistledown and Portland Meadows up for sale. Stronach fed up with Ohio's resistance to slot machines, and Oregon's resistance to Instant Racing.

Ex Jockey Tyrone Harding is busy doing 3 jobs.

Peace Rules colt tops CTHS Yearling Sale

Highlights of Horse Improvement Program Recommendations

New technology in Vegas looks to skirt gaming laws while making it easier for gamblers to blow money in slot machines.


I'm coming off a pretty good year with my NFL handicapping. So here we go:

Buffalo getting 3 1/2 from Denver. Buffalo is on the improve. The fans will go nuts, and maybe Cutler will not be able to get on track early enough in this one to cover the spread.

Tennessee getting 5 1/2 in Jacksonville. My gut is expecting an upset in this one.

Washington by 3 against Miami. Washington is going to blow out Miami.

I found this video on Youtube: Save Fort Erie Race Track


Anonymous said...

Great NFL picks. Three for Three.

Anonymous said...

Actually 2 for 2 and a push.