21 November 2007

Baymount Announces Financing: Magna Puts $9 Million Price Tag On Great Lakes Downs

Baymount Incorporated secures construction financing for new Belleville harness track and slots facility. For additional information on Baymount and the Belleville race track project (the Quinte racino) as well as Baymount's other projects go to their web site here.

Magna Entertainment put prices on their holdings for sale. Great Lakes Downs is listed at $9 Million

Canada and the US having secret negotiations regarding internet gambling WTO dispute is not going away. How can the US allow internet horse race betting and fantasy sports playing, and not allow other forms of internet gambling?

New Brunswick Indian tribes ready for government showdown regarding casinos

Emma Jayne Wilson to represent not only Canada, but North America in Hong Kong

Woodbine Harness having a hard time filling races Sunday Even with good purses only a very few owners make money on Woodbine standardbreds. The expensive trainers with high vet bills (nudge nudge wink wink), win most of the money. Drugs are killing the sport.

Woodbine bias report: Glenn Magnusson has won 3 out of his last 6. Pizarro is on a roll, while Matt Moore is 0 for his last 25. Rail was more fair last week.

Now for some Silky Sullivan action:

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