16 November 2007

Just In Case You Didn't Know Another Way WEG's Customers Get Ripped Off

How many online bettors with Horse Player Interactive (HPI) think they are getting the same payoffs with HPI than they would if in the USA, even though there is common pool wagering. Take the third race at Churchill today (just picking a race at random). The payoffs for Win Place Show Exactor and Double are the same. But the payoffs for the triactor, super, and pick 3 were $25.70, $149.80, and $162.60 respectively in the US, but WEG only paid out $23.80, $138.70 and $150.60 to the customers (suckers) they continue to collude for so they can only bet with only them.
If you think it doesn't seem that much, think again. The triactor payoff was 8.8% higher in the US, the super payoff was 8% higher, and the pick 3 payoff was 8.0% higher as well. That means if you cash $10,000 on these types of bets over a month for example, WEG got you for another $800. But someone has to pay Willmot's salary, as well as the rest of the short sighted execs at Woodbine Entertainment. I wonder how much they will whine when they announce that betting is down or stagnant for 2007. The players have woken up to alternatives WEG. Put it in your pipe and smoke it.

Manitoba Jockey To Reduce Takeouts on certain simulcast bets:

GOOD NEWS FOR BETTORS: Bigger return on bets!

Downs' general manager Sharon Gulyas has announced that starting Monday, Nov. 19, the non-profit Manitoba Jockey Club will be in a position to roll back its take-out on major bets at simulcast tracks, allowing players to pocket more money. "If handle increases as a result of this lower take-out," Gulyas said, "we'll be able to offer an even greater return down the road."

The rollback affects triactors, superfectas, pick-3's and 4's and pick-6 bets at 13 tracks. The pick-6 at New York tracks and Hawthorne will now be the same as the U.S. payout. The pick-4 payout at Woodbine will be the same as Woodbine's.

Players can also expect:

• Higher pick-6 returns at Hollywood, Santa Anita, Del Mar and Churchill

• Higher pick-4 returns at Churchill, Laurel, Meadowlands, Monmouth and Pimlico

• Higher pick-3 returns at Churchill, Laurel and Pimlico

• Higher superfecta returns at Churchill, Meadowlands and Pimlico

• Higher triactor returns at Churchill and Pimlico

"I hope people will see this as a positive," Gulyas said. "We're trying to do the best we can. This is phase one. You have to start somewhere." Because of special discounted bets at some U.S. tracks, the differential had been as high as 15 per cent but now, Gulyas pointed out, the differential has been reduced to single digits or entirely eliminated. The mandate of the Manitoba Jockey Club is to preserve and promote the local racing industry, an impossibility without sufficient VLT and live and simulcast revenue.

Sovereign media finalists announced. No best blog? I doubt I would win anyway. Jen's blog is much better and updated way more. Plus I don't think WEG wants my blog to exist.

Financingavailable retired. Small ligament tear; time to make babies.

Pick Six Strategies By Steve Davidowitz

Kentucky Looking Into Racinos


Last week I went 2 and 1 to bring me back to 500 for the year (14-14-2).

I like Detroit getting 2 and a half over the Giants. This game started at a pick, the bookies knew something when they made the original line.

Look for Jacksonville to frustrate San Diego and win by at least 3.

And if Denver doesn't win this week, they might not win a game the rest of the season. Lay the 2 points over Tennessee.

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