6 November 2007

Headlines For November 6th

California board announces experiment to allow all ADW's to accept bets from all races in the state.

Churchill Downs targeting fake scratches

Playful Act sets record for sales price for a broodmare at Keeneland sales. $10.5 million for a mare who aborted her last foal? She does trace back to Nearctic on both sides of her pedigree.

Youbet called in default of a loan because of the $1.5 million seizure by Feds regarding IRG.

Mark Guidry, 48, ready to retire on Saturday.

CPMA wants feedback on proposed changes

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cangamble,

Had a quick look at the CPMA proposal/review thing, and this looks interesting..

It almost sounds like the door is opening for competition for other wagering providers. Great Canadian operates tracks in BC and Ont. I think they are using the HPI system under license, but it looks like they might be able to run their own betting service in BC/Ont.

" Telephone Account Betting

* Requirements for “Home Market Areas” will be removed. Associations will be allowed to operate TAB systems in any province in which they operate a racetrack, or in provinces in which they have received the approval of the appropriate racing commission. The commission's authority to establish intra-provincial “zones” for the operation of TAB systems will be recognized in the proposed changes.