7 February 2008

Headlines For February 7th, 2008

Bold Executive, at 24, still the top sire in Ontario

Steve Asmussen gets 30 stalls at Woodbine. He couldn't get them last year because it was just too soon after a drug violation. His horses should keep the drug testers busy.
Aside from the drug issue, his horses will probably enhance the quality of the fields at Woodbine. The quality of the Woodbine horses at the high conditioned claiming and allowance is pretty pathetic considering the money they run for, Asmussen horses may force horses to run for what they are worth.

Woodbine had 300 applicants looking for 4000 stalls. There are only 2170 stalls at Woodbine. Most likely Fort Erie will take in a few of those who were denied stalls. It is still a mystery as to what the purses will like at the Fort this year, and opening day is less than 3 months away.

Penn profits fall; they partially blame bad weather.

Waterloo, Ontario is Canada's equivalence to Silicon Valley. It is also is the home to some huge online poker winners too.
Such a shame that young gamblers have discovered online poker instead of horse racing. Oh wait, online poker doesn't have the idiotic takeouts that horse racing has. Players have a good chance to win, and even win in the long run.
18 year olds get it, too bad the racing execs in the world don't.

Stronach remains bullish on Magna Entertainment despite their mammoth losses. He expects to personally further invest millions into the company.

6 Ontario harness tracks and the OLG get together to create 2008 Slots Cup Series

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