4 February 2008

Who Says Weight Matters On A Race Horse?

The above was a Super Bowl ad from last night's great game. I do think weight matters though in real life handicapping. Not under a mile, but definitely over a mile. I usually throw out the high weight in races at a mile seventy and up, especially if the horse is carrying 121 or greater and is the lone high weight.
Back to last night's game, I have to say that New England blew it by being too conservative. You have weapons like Moss and Stallworth, yet Brady wound up throwing to Welker for short passes all night, until it was too late. Announcer Troy Aikmen was questioning why Welker was wide open on many catches, well D'uh, now we know.
Great job by the Giants defense, but I still contend that New England made it very easy on them to figure out what play was going to be run. And whatever happened to the "in the grasp" rule? Eli and the Giants got a huge break on that huge pass to David Tyre. The non call won the game for them. Don't get me wrong, I'm sort of glad New England lost. Too pompous a team for my liking.

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