27 April 2008

Keep An Eye On Deverell and Sutherland For Overlays

Peppers Pride does it again. The 5 year old mare kept her lifetime undefeated record intact yesterday upon winning another Stake race yesterday at Sunray Park. She is the queen of New Mexico state bred distaff races. She is 16 for 16.


How about Dean Deverell? I predicted that he would be near the top this year, and after a slow start, he is now starting to get more live mounts. If you are looking at jockeys for courses, Deverell ranks right up there with Chantal Sutherland. Both of them really GET the polytrack. Bettors need to consider any horse these two jocks are on, in any race.
Note: Both Tyler Pizarro and Dean Deverell lose their apprentice status today and Friday respectively.
Emma Jayne Wilson looks very average. Again, no surprise to me. Emile Ramsammy seems to have an edge over the jockey colony and I expect him to win the title.
Congrats to SIMON Husbands on his Stake win yesterday.
Today, it might be Deverell's turn to win the Stake. He has a very live mount with Salomea. Good to see the Stake race where it belongs: IN THE SEVENTH RACE
The track was lightning fast yesterday. Not good for the health of horses in the long run.

Meanwhile, Willmot and Eaves are fiddling while Woodbine is burning. Only $2 million in total handle yesterday. Mountaineer beat that by around $90,000. Hawthorne and Tampa Bay had handles around $4 million each yesterday.
It won't be long until purse cuts are announced. Of course, WEG execs will BLAME the industry trend, and stress competition from Betfair, offshore bookies, and rebate shops as the reason for the cuts.
Of course, the main reason Woodbine is going down the tubes is because gamblers for the most part have become educated. And Woodbine has their head buried in the ground regarding this fact. The result, is that they REFUSE to even attempt to compete for the many new price sensitive gamblers, that have moved away from betting tracks like Woodbine, with their beyond ridiculous high track takeouts.

Horseplayers to be well represented at the Standardbred portion of the Wagering Conference in Montreal beginning Tuesday.

' Dean Towers, a bettor, fan and horse owner, will be front and centre with David Aldred, Jamie Martin and Geoff Want.

Towers has owned harness horses with his family stable since childhood and has been part-owner of a racing stable in Ontario since 2002. He wrote his university thesis on off-track betting, and has always been interested in racing, wagering and growing the industry. Towers' views are regularly available on his harness racing blog, Pull The Pocket, and his opinions were recently published in Trot Magazine's Horseplayer's Edition. Towers is a strong advocate for change in the current pricing model in horse racing as if affects customers.

Roy Sproxton, a horseplayer, horse owner and racing fan, will be taking part in the third panel, entitled 'The Takeout Revolution?', which will take place Tuesday, April 29 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.

Sproxton has been a racing fan and bettor for more than 20 years. In 2007, he also joined the horse ownership ranks. In his twenties, Sproxton was a significant horseplayer, betting primarily on Canadian harness racing. During the Internet boom, he realized he could earn a profit betting poker, sports and through exchange wagering, and in turn his interest in horse betting decreased dramatically. A business school graduate from the University of Western Ontario, Sproxton is very passionate about the health of horse racing and hopes to see a platform change that allows him to be able once again to bet the races.

In addition to Michael Lipton, Chuck Keeling and Rande Sawchuk, Sproxton will be joined in the 'The Takeout Revolution?' panel by professional horseplayer James Erikson.

Erikson has been a professional bettor since 2003. He wagered on horse racing as a fan until about 1995. He then branched out to playing poker and gambling on horse racing and has been successfully doing so for several years. Erikson is well versed on many issues pertaining to horse wagering, including betting exchanges, offshore providers and rebaters.'

This might be the best 3 year old Canadian bred horse we've seen in a while: Undefeated Harlem Rocker rocked in the Withers yesterday at Aqueduct:

A 106 Beyer, as reported by Jen Morrison on her blog. The colt, by Macho Uno out of
Freedom Come, has very little Canadian lineage. With the exception to his great great grandfather on his dam's side, Northern Dancer, there is none. But he was foaled in Canada, so that is all that is needed, bottom line.
Of concern was his lugging in during the stretch. Is he green, or does he have some not so minor problems. Time will tell.

Kentucky Derby horses will be tested vigorously for drugs. I'm totally against drug use in horse racing, but an after the fact positive in a huge race like the Derby could really tarnish the industry.
There should always be vigorous testing, especially if it is done as a deterrent, which seems to be the case in the Derby.

Magna Entertainment is really pissed over the fact that Oregon won't even consider Instant Racing.

CTHS announces a new bonus reward program for breeders of Ontario breds.

Jockeys in Chicago set their own fees for losing mounts.

Kevin Buttigieg to train for Bruno Schickedanz at Fort Erie this year. Expect lots of short fields as there are lots of empty stalls at the Fort. The season begins on Derby Day. Fort Erie purse accounts have earned just $1 million for each of the last two quarters from slot revenues.

Hastings young GM will attempt to go after the "cool" crowd. Again, if you want young bettors, there needs to be a BUZZ that at least someone can win. Aint gonna happen with ridiculously high takeouts. Sorry dude.

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