28 April 2008

Startling Allegations: Corrupt Cop Traded Drugs For Inside Info On Fixed Races At Woodbine

CBC Sunday Morning did a story on the handling of an alleged corrupt drug squad in Toronto. Amongst the claims made was that a drug addicted corrupt cop named Rob Kelly snorted cocaine with his informants. One informant was a trainer at Woodbine.
This occurred prior to when Kelly was arrested in 2001.
The most troubling allegation:

'A confidential informant identified the officers, and accused them of supplying cocaine from a locker in exchange for insider tips about suspect horse races at a track.'

To watch the CBC report, click here. If you are only interested in the allegations to do with Woodbine and fixed races, you'll find it between the 8:40 and 9:50 mark of the video.

This brings up the following points and questions I have. Questions I doubt will be answered. Woodbine has always had its way with hushing up the media when it comes their dark side:

What was Woodbine's and the ORC's knowledge of the allegations?

What did they do about it?

Who was the trainer (informant)?

It is almost impossible to fix a horse race unless the jockeys of all the contenders know what is happening (less perhaps the one who is allowed to win).
If the "fixed" races were due to one horse having some magic drug potion, I doubt repeat business would have occurred between the addicted cop and the informant. Unless the win percentage was excellent. Possible, but not likely.

Does the ORC and Woodbine have any knowledge of the races involved?

I don't recall any jockeys being banned for a lengthy time, in a very long time in Ontario.

In 1937 there was an infamous betting scandal in Toronto. Eight jockeys had their licenses revoked. Many of them were leading jockeys in Toronto. Frankie Mann, Johnny Passero, Bobby Watson, Henry Palaez, Frank Dougherty, Colin McDonald, Frank Madeley, and Gordon Atkins. Suspicious behaviour was the reasons cited for the suspensions (something that would be tough to use these days).

The history above is from Louis E. Cauz' book, The Plate, A Royal Tradition. It was given away at Woodbine on Queen's Plate Day (if I remember correctly) in 1985.

Florida HBPA: A Case of Hypocrisy Or Ignorance

Here is a letter by the HBPA in Florida put out today outlining who isn't allowed to get Florida signals:

I just don't get how HPI, Elite, Philadelphia Park, NYC OTB, NJ Bets, RGS, etc. are not on the blacklist. There is no way they are buying Calder's signal for 14% or so, which is what the horsemen's group is looking for.

Was it an oversight, or are there a major hypocrisy going on with the Horsemen's organization?

Update on the whole ADW/horsemen mess.


Anonymous said...

I believe this story and alot of the jockeys around in 2001 are still around today, and they know they can get away with stuff like this. It is another reason not to bet on Woodbine.
They probably just want this story to go away.

Anonymous said...

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