15 May 2008

HBO Documentary On Horse Slaughter: Racing's Dirty Little Secret

The following videos are not for the squeamish. It is unbelievable that race horses can be treated in such a manner. This video gives Mountaineer a deserving bad name.
But the same happens at many tracks (Ontario tracks included). I had no idea they actually shot horses for slaughter in Canada (at least sometimes), and in Mexico, the horse killers seem to be from the Josef Mengele school of thought:

Two words for part one; sickening and disgusting.
Part Two:

For my American readers, check out Americans Against Horse Slaughter

Canadians can check out Long Run. For more background, read Jen Morrison's article Battle To Save Horses From Slaughterhouse.

It is about time that we shame those "horsemen" who regularly and knowingly sell thoroughbreds to butchers. If you want to anonymously post those who you are sure of who participate in this practice, feel free to leave names in the comment section.

Please try to be 100% sure, as this topic is not a joke and the comment section is not a place to carry on vendettas.


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