14 May 2008

No Surprise If The Preakness Is Big Brown's Last Race

50-50 Prediction: If Big Brown wins the Preakness on Saturday, it is probably a coin flip as to whether he will be retired after the race. His value at stud can only go down that point. A Belmont or Breeders Cup victory won't help it, but any loss will most likely hurt his value (especially since he is undefeated). Many horses have found the mile and a half Belmont too grueling after winning the first two Triple Crown legs.
That is reflective of the sad state of breeding in North America these days.

Secrecy around the Fort Erie grant money finally revealed.
Apparently it was $3 million, not $2 million. $2 million was handed over to El-Ad Canada and its subsidiary, Nordic Gaming, which operates the Fort Erie Race Track. The other million is going toward the removal of the east-north Concession Road ramp at the QEW.
$2 million to a company owned by one of the richest men in the world? This is just ridiculous (the proposed project simply is idiotic), and speaking as an Ontario taxpayer, this is completely outrageous. The article makes it clear that the government is next to clueless when it comes to the Fort Erie situation.

Ron Thomson, 76 passed away on Sunday morning. He trained in Ontario most of his life. Magnificent Dancer, a horse he trained for his wife Flo, won the first race at Fort Erie on Saturday, shortly after Thomson passed.

Regina Sealock is probably the best two turn jockey at Fort Erie these days. She won impressively on Philly Frenzy in yesterday's 5th. She is rarely on a favourite and seems to move horses up in distance races.

Christopher Griffin is off to very quick start and leads the jockey colony at the Fort in wins, but a lot has to do with red hot trainer Don MacRae who has won 5 races with just 8 starters.

Woodbine Bias Report: Outside posts had a tough time last week. Tyler Pizarro is the hot jock right now, while trainers Sid Attard and John Mackenzie are cold. But so is Tiller, Delmas, and John Cardella. Tiller's horses haven't run bad, he is 1 for 27 but has 6 seconds and 6 thirds.

Baymount says that ground breaking is expected in June for Belleville's new racino

Magna Entertainment seem a bit more optimistic that slots are coming to Maryland.

Calgary gambler admits to a $512,000 fraud
'...Alexander had defrauded the former law firm of Court of Queen's Bench Justice Sandy Park by stealing more than $22,000 in trust account funds.

The money was taken by Alexander, 54, before she went on to work as the bookkeeper at Centaur Import Motors Ltd., where she stole $499,870.75 between January 2002 and May 2004.

Alexander also defrauded Canada Revenue Agency of just under $100,000 by making false GST claims to cover her tracks.'

How slot machines give players a false illusion

Storm Cat pensioned at 25

ORC suspends Ken Hornick for 15 years and hands out a $60,000 fine.
Cool, now when are we going to hear about those who Hornick sold illicit drugs to?
I won't hold my breath.

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