2 September 2008

ORC Needs To Aggressively Go After Potential EPO/DPO Violators

Gambler drills ORC chairman about EPO testing, integrity, and disclosure to the public.
The answers Seiling gave, show that the ORC (Ontario Racing Commission) is passively enforcing EPO and DPO potential violations.

Pointed out in the article are the red flags that the ORC is supposed to use to find suspects:

1. dramatic improvement in a horse’s performance.
2. dramatic improvement in a horses performance after it has moved to a different trainer.
3. a tip or knowledge of the procession, sale or use of the drug E.P.O. or D.P.O. The knowledge of it being administered to a horse in the care of a licensed trainer or a complaint presented to the commission by another trainer or group of trainers or owners about the suspect use of the drug by any licensed trainer or owner.

After reading the article, it seems that the ORC is only relying on tips. I don't think they have a way devised to objectively police the first two red flags.

And I really think that Seiling's admission that EPO testing isn't being done as much as it should because of budget constraints doesn't help the industry and the way it is perceived one iota.

My personal belief is that any trainer hitting at over 20% should be monitored intensely, and his or her horses should get spot tested often. There are only so many ways to train a horse, and if you are looking for Mensa members, you won't find too many in the backstretch training horses.

Temporary employees rob Ellis Park

Greg Blanchard questions the procedure of Stewards talking to drivers (and jockeys) during Inquiries.
I don't see a problem with the practice. A steward may learn why the infraction took place, and may find another culprit instead of the one they are investigating.
However, I've always maintained that inquiries should be as objective as possible. The visual evidence should be the determining factor when a call is made. Should it be the only factor? Probably yes.

Churchill Downs slashing fall stake purses

Chad Beckon is out for a bit due a concussion he received in the last race on Saturday at Fort Erie.

His new bride, jockey Cory Clark, took off her mounts on Sunday because she had the duties of waking Chad up every hour. She resumed riding yesterday and got a win.

Beckon is expected to ride again this year. Not sure when.

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Anonymous said...

I was watching Woodbine on the score. and when shadowless dumped Elmer J Wilson on her way back to the winners circle,Elmer went to get back on,but first she hit the horse on the head pretty hard,greaat horsemanship Elmer!