6 September 2008

The Score's Megapick Contest Is Winnable: Someone Dropped The Ball

Woodbine Entertainment is sponsoring a contest where players have to select the finishers in the exact order in 3 big races that are held at Woodbine. The prize is $100,000 for each race. The $700,000 bonus isn't going to happen (the same player must pick the exact order in all three races. They might as well give the bonus out to a player who can walk on the sun). But something unexpected happened. The first leg of the contest, the Woodbine Mile tomorrow, only attracted 8 horse, including one overwhelming first choice and an overwhelming second choice (Kip Deville and Ventura respectively).

The odds to randomly select the order of an 8 horse race is only 40,319 to one. But if the favourites run one two, the odds drop to 719 to one.

Contests aren't supposed to be this easy.

I noticed that the contest now specifies that legs two and three must have at least 9 starters for the $100,,000 to be rewarded (in a 9 horse race the odds of randomly selecting the exact order goes up to 362,879 to one; in a ten horse race it goes up to 3,628,799 to one).

If nobody gets the horses in the exact order, a prize of $10,000 will go to the player who comes closest.

The contest is free to enter. You must be a Canadian resident. Except Quebec residents can't enter the contest (I guess Quebec separated from Canada, but I must have missed it in the news).

To enter The Woodbine Megapicks Contest, go here.

Personally, I like Ventura to win and Kip Deville to place. Of course, there are another 720 combinations when it comes to selecting the rest of the order of the race. But still, I expect over 1500 entrants, so I'm thinking there is a very good chance the $100,000 will be won if the favourites do well.

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