4 October 2008

Canadian International Day At Woodbine; The Card Is Impossible

Pattison Canadian International goes today at Woodbine. Lots of money being handed out to successful horsemen all day, but the betting card is next to impossible to figure out, because of the distances and the class of the races.
In the International I'm going with Mourilyan. Lots of experience at the distance, second race after a pretty good layoff. I like Quijano to run well too. As for the favourite, Doctor Dino, I just can't stand who the horse is named after.
Doctor Dino is the nickname of delusional creationist, Kent Hovind. Hovind believes (or at least says he believes) that the world is less than 10,000 years old, and wilfully lies about science while giving misleading credentials about himself. He is currently in jail right now, for tax evasion.
Sure, it is irrational to not like a horse because of his name, but who says horse players are rational?

In case you are still interested in Kent (Dr. Dino) Hovind, watch this:

Jail Urged For Jockey David Clark By Prosecution
On Tuesday, Clark finally had his sentencing hearing months after pleading guilty to impaired driving causing bodily harm and impaired driving causing the death of 34 year old school teach Suzanne Mizuno.
If he gets a sentence of over 2 years, he could face deportation after serving the time because Clark never became a Canadian citizen, and still holds British citizenship.
The sentencing date isn't available in any of the few articles I've read on the internet.
Rob Ramage received a 4 year jail sentence when his drunk driving lead to the death of fellow ex-NHL hockey player Keith Magnuson.
WEG and the ORC have received heat for allowing Clark to ride, especially after admitting guilt in April.

A Toronto Gaming Tax?
The mindless who play slots won't notice the difference, but increasing taxes on the horse race side, including the possibility of charging admission, will absolutely kill Woodbine's already pathetic handle.

Mike Newell has a 2 win lead in the trainers race at Fort Erie. Meanwhile, hot jockey Rui Pimentel is closing in on Chad Beckon. He is still 9 wins behind with 9 racing days to go, so it will be pretty tough to catch Beckon.
Saving Fort Erie's race track has taken a backseat to saving its hospital. Still no word regarding whether racing will happen next year. Lots of pessimism though.

Picov Downs on the other hand, is expanding. Their new 5 furlong track will obviously allow for longer races, and if Fort Erie doesn't race next year, it could be home to the thoroughbred B meet, at least in theory.

No dates yet for Beulah or River Downs either.

A pair of Ohio sulky veterinarians suspended in Kentucky after a truck inspection.

In other news, four horses tested positive for EPO during Grand Circuit Week at The Red Mile.

Latest Magna International resignation raises more eyebrows regarding Magna Entertainment's possible future

Magna stock is down to $1.80 a share, which is equivalent to 18 cents a share because earlier this year the company did a 1 for 10 consolidation.

Woodbine Update By Bill Tallon

9 year old Le Cinquieme Essai has been retired. He has lost a step or two. Only 33 starts in 8 campaigns? Talk about a patiently handled horse.

Woodbine will be without its best or second best (if you include McAleney) jockey after Sunday, as Chantal Sutherland is moving her tack to California.
'Sutherland also has contracted to appear in a reality television show entitled "Jockeys."'

Woodbine has applied for an "identical to this years" schedule for next year.

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