9 October 2008

Still No Word On Whether Fort Erie Will Race In 2009

Will There Be Thoroughbred Horse Racing In Fort Erie Next Year? It is not looking good. Meanwhile, Fort Erie's owner just won a court case. He can use his Plaza name in Vegas (even though he has suspended the building of it for now).

With real estate dropping severely in the US, I wonder how much Nordic's Owner is down these days in net worth, and how leveraged he was to begin with.

Fort Erie might be the absolute least of his concerns these days.

Fort Erie Officials In Dubai Looking For Race Track Investors....For a NASCAR Race Track
'Fort Erie Mayor Doug Martin, Jim Thibert, general manager of the Fort Erie Economic Development and Tourism Corp., and Sandra Pupatello, the Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade are in the United Arab Emirates as central figures in the Ontario International Investment team that is taking part in Dubai’s Cityscape Expo...the trio are reportedly meeting with investors in the proposed $150 million (Canadian) speedway that would see a one-mile oval track and grandstand constructed on the west side of the Queen Elizabeth Way highway between Bowen and Gilmore roads — less than two miles from the Peace Bridge.'

ORC gets put in place by Divisional Court ORC Crossed The Line
"The Ontario Racing Commission exceeded its jurisdiction by attempting to discipline a lawyer that had harsh words for commission chairman Rod Seiling during an ORC hearing, the Ontario Divisional Court has found."

Miniature horse race (harness racing) at Georgian Downs on Saturday you can't say they aren't being innovative.

How Patrick Patten (Handride Blog) Would Fix Racing
First thing is first. He needs to win the Lotto and buy TVG for $100 million or so.

OBS Mixed Sale Down Almost 40% I hate to say it, but racing is not only losing bettors, it is also losing owners. Not good. Not good at all.

Betfair To Allow In-Play Betting On All Aussie Races This allows the bettor to bet during the race. They do it for many UK races and select North American races already. Betfair also allows you to bet on select sports games from beginning to end as well.
It is pretty neat. I've tried it before. Amazing how the odds fluctuate during an NFL or NBA game.
To open up a Betfair account and become eligible for a $25 sign up bonus, click here.

Whale Mike Maloney Shows Panel That There Are Problems With Tote Integrity

Sandy Hawley took out his "exercise boy" license yesterday. He is getting in shape for the Living Legends race at Santa Anita on October 18th. Hawley will be in a race against fellow retired jockeys Julie Krone, Chris McCarron, Gary Stevens, Jacinto Vasquez, and Jerry Bailey.

With Catherine O'Brien out for the year, Woodbine is all out of apprentices. The fall is usually a great time for bugs, as the season gets late, weight matters more and more on tired out horses. Melanie Pinto is riding great at Fort Erie, so she is expected to get some really good mounts from now until the end of the season at Woodbine. She has a monopoly right now on talented bugs in Ontario.

Who will fill in the void for Chantal Sutherland? Maybe Emma Jayne Wilson? She has just become another jockey this year, but she might be a good cold weather jock, and she may start getting better mounts now. Eurico Rosa Da Silva is having his best year ever, and he was extremely hot in the fall months last year.

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