5 March 2009

Terrible Chain Reaction At Aqueduct Yesterday: Looks Worse Than It Was

Another chain reaction that wiped out most of the field occurred yesterday at Aqueduct in the second race. Only two of seven horses in the field wound up crossing the wires for parimutuel purposes, which mirrors what happened in a harness race at Woodbine Monday night (see my last post).
Private Details, a three year old filly broke her left front cannon bone at the quarter pole, and landed on her side causing the chain reaction. Amazingly, only one jockey was taken to the hospital (Eddie Castro), and he ended up with a bruised shoulder. Like I said, it looks way worse than it was:

I hate looking at these things. I can only watch them once, and barely once. But most people want to see these things at least once. Morbid curiosity perhaps? The same reason many people watch stock car races? I took psychology in university, but I forget why we seem to need to look at this stuff.
As for me posting it, I had second and third thoughts about it. This definitely doesn't do the sport much good, even though there is an old saying that any advertising is good advertising. The Eight Belles tragedy proves that statement wrong.
I'll admit, I want this blog to be read. I don't make much money on the blog, but I do want my main message about dropping takeout and growing the game to read by as many people as humanly possible. This is the main reason I decided to post the video. It is the main reason I set up a new Youtube Channel as well.
In fact, by putting up the harness accident from Monday night, I have so far received over 10,000 hits at Youtube. I'm not thrilled with many of the comments that criticize horse racing for being cruel, but it is better to know what the industry is up against so that it can be dealt with.

Let me lighten things up a bit. I did not see this hilarious commercial/promo for the series Jockeys until I found it doing a search on Youtube. It is a must see for anyone who handicaps horse racing:

It definitely doesn't take away anything from the intimidation that a newbie watching the video might have when it comes to thinking about giving horse racing a chance:)

It looks like Magna Entertainment will be entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy either today or tomorrow. Read all about it at the Paulick Report. UPDATE: Magna Entertainment Files Chapter 11

NY Lawmakers Trying To Prevent Track Takeout Increase
I don't want to beat my chest too hard, but I'm sure HANA has had some sort of influence in this decision, though the reasons cited makes sense as well. I still think the law will go through though.

February handle down 11%. The game is dying, but the racing execs are starting to get it I think. They know they have to change the pricing of betting, but will they, and is it too late.

Pull The Pocket busts some handicapping myths. Good riders waiting around for a late mount doesn't mean much.

Baymount Inc. provides fiscal update Hotel and water park on the way?

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