4 June 2009

Horse Racing In Ontario Continues To Micro-Evolve

Lots of updates at the Ontario HBPA site.
-OHRIA elects Sue Leslie as Chair and President
-Lite Touch Whip Pilot Program has begun. First two races each day Woodbine, all jockeys are to carry the new fly swatter type whips until June 28th.
-Fort Erie to move post times to 1:45 effective this Sunday.
-testing for the following veterinary approved anabolic steroids: boldenone, nandrolone, stanozolol and testosterone has begun as of June 1st.
-Owners and trainers have the option to test claimed horses for steroids. The price is steep at $225, and the request has to be made when the claim is put in.

I wonder if the majority of horsemen who put in a claim will request the test. They risk their licenses if the new claimed horse tests positive for steroids in upcoming races. Generally, steroids remain in a horse's system for 45-60 days.

One other thing that wasn't made clear: What if the horse winds up to be one of the two horse's tested after the race? Does the new outfit still have to pay the $225 if they requested the steroid test? Are the two tested horses going to automatically be tested for steroids all the time?

How many trainers are there who were over relying on steroids in the past, and now know will have to figure out an alternative way to train horses?

Canadian Firm Develops A "V-Chip" Type Technology To Prevent Minors From Accessing Gambling Sites

Personally, I don't think there is any reputable gambling site that comes close to allowing minors to play.

Interesting stuff: The 15 Greatest Sports Cheats of All Time
Horse racing scandals didn't make the top 15. Maybe the person who put the list together doesn't consider horse racing to be a sport:)
I didn't know about most of these, including Dora Ratjen, who was a high jumper for Germany in the infamous 1936 Olympics. Turns out that Dora's real name was Hermann, and Hermann still couldn't beat the girls (he finished fourth).

Reade Baker's below average year continues (he now has just average stats after having a fairly good start in 2009). Last night, 6-5 favourite Bear Onamission broke down just before the wire in the last race. For some reason, on Baker's web site, his 2009 reports including race results aren't showing up.

And what is going on with Mike Doyle? 2 for 50 so far at Woodbine.

Congrats to Jody Hammett who is on the comeback trail. His only starter for 2009, Blue Blood Wildcat, won convincingly yesterday in an Ontario sired filly race last night. I'm sure co owner Charlie Buscaglia was made happy for at least a couple of hours.

Beyer pretty much concedes that Polytrack and speed figures is parallel to turf and speed figures. They are nowhere near as reliable as they are on the dirt.

Opinion: Internet Gambling Bill in the US would help horse racing if it is passed because it would allow horse racing sites to include poker, etc. This is a great way to attract young gamblers and keep their money on shore as well.

Thoroughbred Owners Of California bid on Santa Anita They are rightfully worried about keeping horse racing alive in their state.
The demolition of Hollywood Park is coming closer:


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