13 January 2010

Time For Horse Racing Industry To Put Up Video Archives

Partymanners Youtube account suspended
Most racing enthusiasts know by now that Partymanners recently had his Youtube account suspended.

Over 1500 videos of historical stake races are no longer accessible to the general public. Why? It appears that some egotistical maniac had a hissy fit sent Youtube a false claim that at least some of the videos were owned by him. Of course, this is not the case. These videos belong to the racetracks, and as far as I know, most if not every racetrack has to be aware of Partymanners Youtube channel for quite a while, and obviously had no problem with what he was doing. This channel definitely was free advertising for horse racing in general, and I think racing execs would be foolish if they filled out a form crying copyright infringement.

Partymanners has issued a counter claim, which will probably win out if the other guy can't prove he has the copyright to the videos. I'm pretty sure at least the first move by Youtube was simply an automated response. It is actually illegal to claim that you own the rights to a video you don't own the rights to.

This situation has now started to get many horse racing fans to ask why is it that a fan (Partymanners) of all people had to be responsible for bringing great historical races to the general public and not anyone directly involved in the horse racing industry? There is obviously demand for these old races, but the horse racing industry seems to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Many tracks now are putting up racing videos on a Youtube site. This is a good start. Woodbine just began doing this a few months ago. It would be nice if Woodbine could take the time and add old stake races to their channel. I'd love to be able to see races that featured horses like Momigi, Tiny Tinker, and Northern Dancer (I wonder if anyone has a video of Northern Dancer's maiden win at Fort Erie in 1963).

Going forward R2Collective gives a very good assessment of the current situation and a some good ideas for the future regarding race replays and with respect to its relationship with the internet in general.

Bill Finley's newest article: A look at 2010, through a crystal ball
Horse racing satire at its finest.
Here is a taste:

July: NYRA is able to re-open after Jess Jackson lends the struggling racing organization $50 million in return for them renaming the Travers the Plastic Tracks Suck Stakes. New York racing resumes with opening day at Saratoga.

It is at least on par with my last April Fool's Day post.

Speaking of Stronach
Doesn't it rub most people the wrong way that Frank Stronach was able to have a deal cut where he still winds up with Santa Anita, Gulfstream Park and Golden Gate Fields?, despite the fact that Magna Entertainment shareholders got totally screwed as did unsecured creditors. He proved he can't run a race track, never mind many racetracks. His vision of horse racing was completely out of touch with reality and those who believed in him got the shaft.

And this just feels so not so right: Adena Springs buy Miss Isella for over a million bucks. I guess life goes on for Stronach, and he must have got out of the Magna Entertainment mess OK. Maybe Bernie Madoff should have used his legal team.

Support From Horseplayers Wanted

CHRB Meeting this Friday - Let your thoughts be known via email

This Friday there is a CHRB meeting in California. One of the items on the agenda is the following:

"Discussion and action by the Board regarding an increase in the take-out on conventional and exotic wagers on races conducted by quarter horse racing associations as permitted pursuant to Assembly Bill 246 (Price), Chapter 226, Statutes of 2009."

We believe that any takeout increase, for any wagering is not a good thing in, as takeout increases have been proven time and time again to lower handle, and lower interest on horse racing. Jeff Platt, HANA President will be at the meeting and they have allowed him to speak on some of the studies which show takeout increases hurt, don't help racing.

If you agree and want your voice heard we need your help. if you cut the following and place it in your emailer.

Send it to "BonS@chrb.ca.gov"

You will be registering your displeasure with takeout increases.

Please use this in the subject header: "Please say no to any takeout increases"

Shameless self promotion: Someone who read my last blog piece had a lot of good things to say about it on a Harness Racing Forum.

If you missed the jockey fight during a race at Philly Park, check out Thoroughbred Chat. The Partymanners Youtube debacle is also touched upon.



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Anonymous said...

Woodbine has a library video of all stakes races since 1977 plus some earlier races although inconsistant and incomplete with regard to pre-1977 stakes races. This information is not public knowledge and Woodbine uses this library sparingly.
Also by law Woodbine must keep a video record of ALL races for at least one year. MOMIGI

Horse Racing Nation said...

The Partymanners Youtube fiasco shows how racing needs to be a better keeper of it's history. Unbelievable that no racing entity has stepped forward in the least to archive stakes races.