29 November 2006


ORC rejects Windsor and Flamboro's requests for reduced dates. ORC thinks they want too many dates cut.

Anti gambling official scams Alberta to feed his gambling habit.

Magna rep presents new big pool wager and gets shot down. The reason shows how racetracks think they see the big picture but don't.

Note to Dan Loiselle: You had a big audience during the build up of the Super 7 pool and you were not impressive. Focusing on the horses odds instead of the race was not needed. And it was apparent that you were hoping for longshots and routing against favorites. In other words you were routing against the fans. A big no no.

Betfair on verge of buying Timeform

25 November 2006

November 25th Headlines; Week 12 NFL Picks

Woodbine record Pick 7 pool of 553k won by Vancouver gambler who spent $144 on his ticket

Sandown not dead yet

Hastings handle up about 9%, still waiting slots

A dozen charged in British racing probe

Gambler in Nova Scotia who claims he lost half a mill, sues province for negligence

Article on Sunny's Halo

Ohio tracks consider merging

Quebec initiative for handicappers: a betting league

NFL Picks For Week 12

Cleveland getting 3 against Cinci

San Fran getting 5 against St. Louis

New England by 3 and a half against Chicago

Year Stats Against The Spread: 22 Wins, 11 Losses.

17 November 2006

5 November 2006


Detroit getting 5 and a half against Atlanta

Buffalo by 3 against Green Bay

Miami getting 13 and a half against Chicago

Season record against the spread 16 wins 8 losses.