24 August 2020

Horse Racing Questions (That Have Terrible Answers)

OK, here we go again. This blog post will change nothing, but here are some horse racing related questions that currently have terrible answers: 

Why can the Olympics time each runner accurately to the 1/100th of a second, but horse racing can't? 

Why do run ups exist especially when it comes to dirt/Tapeta racing?  

Why are some trainers still "risking it" with designer drugs? 

Why are there track takeouts north of 15%? 

Why do jackpot bets exist? 

Why are there inquiries that last more than 5 minutes? 

Why does one have to claim a horse prior to a race and not after the race? 

Why are horses allowed to breed before they reach 6 years old? 

Why is it legal for a grown adult to carry a gun in public in Texas, but that same person can't make a legal horse racing bet online? 

Why do big name trainers, who pretty much train in name only at some tracks, not have a reasonable limit to how many horses they can train nationwide? 

Why aren't there universal rules when it comes to fines and penalties, and betting?

Why isn't there a nationwide horse racing lottery?

Why doesn't a national betting exchange exist for win and show bets with a 4% takeout?