25 November 2007

NFL Picks For Week 12: Lots Of Interesting Canadian Horse Racing Stuff

When is Woodbine going to crack down on horses getting hot peppers (or something similar) shoved up their butts prior to races? Is the practice legal? Does the public know what is going on?

Canadian John Campbell becomes first harness driver to surpass a quarter of a billion in career earnings.

Slots expected to be a boon for Belleville

Fort Erie to cut out a few Saturdays in August and July. 80 days is fine. Still no word on the purse structure though. Horsemen await news from the province, to see if the OLG is going to help them out.
The horsemen have no idea what purse structure awaits them, in the meantime many Fort Erie horses are being claimed or sold in places like Thistledown, Finger Lakes and Mountaineer. And I've heard rumours of non competitive, unsellable thoroughbreds, who ran at Fort Erie last year being meated as well. Disgusting.
The horse population available for Fort Erie 2008 is a huge question mark.

Daaher upsets rivals at Aqueduct in $300,000 Cigar. He will probably turn out to be the best Canadian bred 3 year old going forward, despite not winning any Canadian Triple Crown races.

NFL Picks For Week 12

I didn't like the Turkey day games at all. The games turned out to be real boring by half time, though Detroit almost came back when the Packers fell asleep for a couple of minutes.

Last week I went 2 and 1 again, upping my record to 16-15-2 for the season.

Today I like Houston getting 3 against Cleveland. Lots of points are expected in this potential shoot out. It might to down to the last play. I thought it was a great call by the refs last week in the Cleveland game regarding the game tying field goal review with no time left last week. It supposedly wasn't a reviewable call, but the refs went against the rule book, and made the right call after all.

St. Louis looks good today getting 3 at home against Seattle. It looks like the bookies are trying to sucker in bets for Seattle. We'll see.

Miami getting 16 against Pittsburgh. Miami is not that bad. They really aren't. And Pittsburgh may under estimate them.

In case you missed the field goal in question in the Cleveland game, here it is:

21 November 2007

Baymount Announces Financing: Magna Puts $9 Million Price Tag On Great Lakes Downs

Baymount Incorporated secures construction financing for new Belleville harness track and slots facility. For additional information on Baymount and the Belleville race track project (the Quinte racino) as well as Baymount's other projects go to their web site here.

Magna Entertainment put prices on their holdings for sale. Great Lakes Downs is listed at $9 Million

Canada and the US having secret negotiations regarding internet gambling WTO dispute is not going away. How can the US allow internet horse race betting and fantasy sports playing, and not allow other forms of internet gambling?

New Brunswick Indian tribes ready for government showdown regarding casinos

Emma Jayne Wilson to represent not only Canada, but North America in Hong Kong

Woodbine Harness having a hard time filling races Sunday Even with good purses only a very few owners make money on Woodbine standardbreds. The expensive trainers with high vet bills (nudge nudge wink wink), win most of the money. Drugs are killing the sport.

Woodbine bias report: Glenn Magnusson has won 3 out of his last 6. Pizarro is on a roll, while Matt Moore is 0 for his last 25. Rail was more fair last week.

Now for some Silky Sullivan action:

16 November 2007

Just In Case You Didn't Know Another Way WEG's Customers Get Ripped Off

How many online bettors with Horse Player Interactive (HPI) think they are getting the same payoffs with HPI than they would if in the USA, even though there is common pool wagering. Take the third race at Churchill today (just picking a race at random). The payoffs for Win Place Show Exactor and Double are the same. But the payoffs for the triactor, super, and pick 3 were $25.70, $149.80, and $162.60 respectively in the US, but WEG only paid out $23.80, $138.70 and $150.60 to the customers (suckers) they continue to collude for so they can only bet with only them.
If you think it doesn't seem that much, think again. The triactor payoff was 8.8% higher in the US, the super payoff was 8% higher, and the pick 3 payoff was 8.0% higher as well. That means if you cash $10,000 on these types of bets over a month for example, WEG got you for another $800. But someone has to pay Willmot's salary, as well as the rest of the short sighted execs at Woodbine Entertainment. I wonder how much they will whine when they announce that betting is down or stagnant for 2007. The players have woken up to alternatives WEG. Put it in your pipe and smoke it.

Manitoba Jockey To Reduce Takeouts on certain simulcast bets:

GOOD NEWS FOR BETTORS: Bigger return on bets!

Downs' general manager Sharon Gulyas has announced that starting Monday, Nov. 19, the non-profit Manitoba Jockey Club will be in a position to roll back its take-out on major bets at simulcast tracks, allowing players to pocket more money. "If handle increases as a result of this lower take-out," Gulyas said, "we'll be able to offer an even greater return down the road."

The rollback affects triactors, superfectas, pick-3's and 4's and pick-6 bets at 13 tracks. The pick-6 at New York tracks and Hawthorne will now be the same as the U.S. payout. The pick-4 payout at Woodbine will be the same as Woodbine's.

Players can also expect:

• Higher pick-6 returns at Hollywood, Santa Anita, Del Mar and Churchill

• Higher pick-4 returns at Churchill, Laurel, Meadowlands, Monmouth and Pimlico

• Higher pick-3 returns at Churchill, Laurel and Pimlico

• Higher superfecta returns at Churchill, Meadowlands and Pimlico

• Higher triactor returns at Churchill and Pimlico

"I hope people will see this as a positive," Gulyas said. "We're trying to do the best we can. This is phase one. You have to start somewhere." Because of special discounted bets at some U.S. tracks, the differential had been as high as 15 per cent but now, Gulyas pointed out, the differential has been reduced to single digits or entirely eliminated. The mandate of the Manitoba Jockey Club is to preserve and promote the local racing industry, an impossibility without sufficient VLT and live and simulcast revenue.

Sovereign media finalists announced. No best blog? I doubt I would win anyway. Jen's blog is much better and updated way more. Plus I don't think WEG wants my blog to exist.

Financingavailable retired. Small ligament tear; time to make babies.

Pick Six Strategies By Steve Davidowitz

Kentucky Looking Into Racinos


Last week I went 2 and 1 to bring me back to 500 for the year (14-14-2).

I like Detroit getting 2 and a half over the Giants. This game started at a pick, the bookies knew something when they made the original line.

Look for Jacksonville to frustrate San Diego and win by at least 3.

And if Denver doesn't win this week, they might not win a game the rest of the season. Lay the 2 points over Tennessee.

10 November 2007

Slots Open Up At Hastings; NFL Picks For Week 10; Lots More

Hastings opens temporary slots parlour

Recommendations for the restructuring of the Ontario TIP Program I like the idea of changing things back to Ontario bred instead of Ontario sired (though this may inevitably hurt small breeders because more mares might go over the border for higher quality studs and come back to foal here, like Stronach and Sam Son often do with their mares). And increasing the potential winnings for Ontario breds is a very good idea too. But I really don't like the way they are trying to take away incentives to claim an Ontario bred horse. I'm also not sure if one is to lose out on incentives if a horse is bought privately (not in a sale) either. By giving incentives to claim Ontario bred horses as well, the value of all Ontario bred horses will rise, benefiting everyone who buys Ontario horses while rewarding a large amount of owners and potential owners, instead of a smaller percentage of owners/breeders. The idea of taking away incentives if a horse is claimed will not increase the amount of owners in the game, in fact, it may drive a few away. If an owner doesn't want his or her horse claimed, they can run them in allowance races. Horses inevitably should run for what they are worth, this creates a lot more potential owners. More owners means potentially more horsemen at future sales.
And once more, there should be Ontario bred claiming races as well. It gives the owners of Ontario breds a better chance to get out on his or her horse. It also increases the value the value of all Ontario breds because it drives up the price of the lowest priced horses. Almost every other jurisdiction gets it, but Ontario is ruled by those who shun claiming and the little guy, and they don't get the big picture either.
Unfortunately, committees who come up with these restructuring ideas are those who worry about their own interest and not the interest of the masses or the game itself.

TRACK TAKEOUTS for various tracks in North America. Fort Erie isn't included on the list right now. It is near impossible to find one source that includes every track up to date when it comes to takeouts, but Track Thieves has done a great job so far in compiling a list. Check Woodbine triactor takeout (28.3%). What a rip off.

Kissin Kris to stand in Alberta next year.

New Brunswick to get rid of 650 slot machines. Province wants to cap total slot machines at 2000.

Poker revenues up at Mountaineer, but Pennsylvania slots competition hitting Mountaineer's bottom line.

Calder to cut purses 7%

Promising 2 year old trotter Timeless Winner dies suddenly. Food poisoning suspected.

Great Canadian Gaming announces improved 3rd quarter results.

I just saw this video, and it really made me sick. I'm hesitantly posting it here because I don't know if many people who watch horse racing realize how dangerous the sport is, and especially how dangerous it is when a horse unseats the rider and heads in the wrong direction. I've seen this happen live (and luckily without disaster), and I've noticed many in the crowd go "Yee Haw" as the riderless horse heads in the wrong direction past the grandstand.
The tragedy some are about to see happened 7 years ago at Prescott Downs. Here is a description first:

Stacy Burton had been living her childhood dream of being a jockey for only a
year when she was injured in a horrific head-on collision of horses on Aug. 26, 2000.
The freak accident occurred in a race for $2,000 claimers at Prescott Downs (now
known as Yavapai Downs) in Arizona. A horse named Pacific Wind, who was trailing the
field, fell over the sloppy track, then regained her feet and started running in the opposite
direction over the half-mile track. Pacific Wind collided with Burton’s mount, Lot o
Love. The accident left Stacy with a severe brain injury, three fractured vertebrae and two
fractured ribs. In a coma for 23 days, she was not expected to survive.
“She’s a miracle. She should not be here,” said Jan Hortyk, who has been caring
for Stacy since the accident.
Today, at the age 44 and with more than 20 surgeries since her accident, Stacy is
able to walk and talk, but still requires full-time care.
Jan describes Stacy as a unique individual, who before becoming a jockey earned
her masters degree and taught high school students. “Horse racing kept tugging at Stacy’s
heart strings, and she methodically set her goal to become a jockey,” Jan said.
The accident and the slow and difficult climb that followed to improve her health
have resulted in a new goal – helping others who face similar permanent disabilities.
The financial hardship that is experienced by those dealing with disabilities is
overwhelming, Jan said.
“It is a very expensive thing to have to face and there are days when you don’t know
whether you’re going to make it,” Jan said.

Again, this video is not for the squeamish:


I'm baaaaaack! Ok, I went 3-0 last week to bring my record for the year back up to 12-13-2 (still pathetic). And I actually was beginning to think I wouldn't pick another winner the rest of the year. That is what happens when your confidence is gone.

This week I like Green Bay minus 6 over Minny. Green Bay is still playing over their heads but Minny is very one dimensional. Shut down Peterson and Green Bay should cover easily.

The Giants are getting 1 and a half against Dallas. I think the Giants will win it, but I'm looking for a lot of offense out of both teams. It might go down to the last play.

Arizona is one and a half points favored over Detroit. Look for Arizona to have a breakout game this week. I really can't see them losing.

2 November 2007

Headlines For November 2nd and NFL Picks For Week 9

IRS wants $1.6 Billion in taxes from bankrupt NYRA

Woodbine listened to me by now putting out a daily Polytrack Maintenance Report. Now how about lowering the track takeout 5-10 points as well:) It will never happen. They are much too stupid.

Magna Entertainment announces dismal 3rd quarter results

ORC announces directive with respect to Granting of Stays

It looks like Instant Racing is going to die in Ohio after all.

Article on Drew Cady's Fort Erie gate crew Isn't a little late in the season to talk about the gate crew. I guess Niagara This Week was looking for a story because so far they don't have one with respect to the future of Fort Erie.

Fort Erie's handle was up a bit. Probably something to do with Premier Turf Club

Saint John racino plans unveiled

Article on apprentice jockey Richard Morrow

TVG announces record handle for third quarter

CTHS Mixed Sale to have over 170 horses. Online catalogue link click here

Looks like Curlin will be sold thanks to court ruling.

Video Lottery Terminals Will Help Tracks But Hurt Casinos In Joisey


I suck. Last week to continue my horrendous slump I went 0 and 3 to bring my season total to 9-13-2.

This week I like N'Orleans minus 3 and a half, Pittsburgh minus 9, and The Jets getting 3 and a half.