5 March 2007

March 5th Update: And More Twilight Zone

I remembered another classic Twilight Zone. Back in 1964, when this one with Mickey Rooney playing a jockey was made, race fixing and horse doping were the biggest issues tainting the sport. Times haven't changed much:

Ontario based jockey Rui Pimentel charged with internet luring a girl under 14

Magna And Churchill Announce Customer Focused Agreements
1. Foster an open and competitive business environment where horse racing content is readily available to customers through a wide variety of distribution points and wagering platforms
2. Create an innovation-based environment of sustainable growth for the North American horse racing industry domestically and internationally;
3. Enhance wagering integrity and security to address horse racing signal piracy and ensure content creators are compensated; and
4. Benefit the horsemen and racetracks that together create racing content through new industry growth.
Magna Posts Large Loss for 2006

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsment and it should not be seen as an endorsement by Cangamble.
In order to bypass the US poker ban you will first need to hide your ip address so that instead of showing up as an American citizen you will be now shown as a Canadian. This is important as the ban only affects American citizens and not Canadians, who can freely register on all the various poker sites.

Step 1: Go To Canada411.Ca
Find someone with a common last name in either Ontario or Quebec province.

Step 2: Get Address
Pick one of these real addresses and phone numbers as your gaming account information.

Step 3: Signup at findnot.com
Findnot.com is a ip redirecting service that will forward your US ip address through Canadian servers located at Ontario and Quebec.

Step 4: Install findnot software
Now whenever you are going to log into your favourite poker site, you will first need to connect to one of findnot’s Canadian servers. The servers are fast and you will hardly notice the difference.

Step 5: Signup With Neteller, Click2pay, Epassporte Or Citadel
Sign up at the sites using your real name and the Canadian address that you came up with. The US Internet Gambling Enforcement Act makes it illegal for online gambling sites to accept electronic fund transfers, however, you are free to deposit money from your bank or credit card into a third party pay site in this case Neteller, Click2pay, Epassporte or Citadel.

HT: Midas Oracle.org

Call for nominations for 2007 Canadian Hall of Fame

Elderly owners of trotting mare Meconopsis interrogated by ORC

Neteller US Client Money May Never Go Back To The Players

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