30 April 2007

Fort Erie Set To Open On Derby Day

Fort Erie season ready to begin on Saturday. Former top Fort Erie jockey Francine Villeneuve has retired, and Neil Poznansky moved his tack back to Western Canada. With only 9 million being offered in purses, which means only around a 510,000 per race average, it will be tough for a jockey, or jock's agent to make a reasonable living.

Future "bleak" for Michigan thoroughbred industry

MTR launches RacelineBet.com Free service, which includes replays. Available in 37 states.
I'm going to try to sign in today to see if I can at least access the free replays. I doubt I will be allowed. Update: I need an American address to become a member, just as I thought. Here is a link to the site.

Bill passes allowing slots at Indiana racetracks.

Woodbine Bias Trends Early speed is still king. It makes horse racing pretty boring. One good thing though, the time it takes to load horses has seemed to lessen in the last two weeks. I wonder if they are doing things differently.

Lawyer blasts Barney Frank's bill

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