22 July 2007

Headlines For July 22nd

I really like the comment Reade Baker made in the post race interview, after his horse Bear Holiday took home the winning prize in yesterday's Colin at Woodbine. He was asked where the horse is going next, and his answer (paraphrasing): "It is up to the owner, it is his horse."
Todd Kabel who got nailed on the wire in that race, should concentrating on sleeping at nights. If he is gonna take an afternoon snooze, he shouldn't pick race days to do it.
I wonder if Terry Jordan is going to replace him next time with Corey Fraser:)

Northern Dancer Stakes today at Woodbine attracts Bill Hartack to sign autographs. He was the jockey on Northern Dancer in the 1964 Queen's Plate, and apparently hasn't been back to Woodbine since.
Not a very impressive field today. I like Jambalaya. Edit 4:32 PM Sunday, I mean I like Pellegrino. I always get horses who have one name and end with a vowel confused.

No resolution when it comes to horse race betting product sharing as industry leaders meet

3 years between wins for apprentice Jeff Maclaren

Eternal Search euthenized She was a great horse.

Stem cell research in Guelph has helped develop a true quarter horse:

Twostep Partner at River Downs pulls a Puss N Boots.

Ref scandal in the NBA Two thoughts: There really is something called the mob and how long has this been going on. I remember in my basketball betting days, how I felt the over/unders in Piston games seemed very rigged. I'm talking the days of Laimbeer and Thomas. I blamed a few on the team, but it could have been the refs, or I could have just been a sore loser.

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