16 October 2007

Ex-Revenue Canada Employee Fakes Tax Returns To Feed Her Gambling Habit

Former Canada Revenue employee guilty of diverting more than $130,000 in fake tax returns in order to feed her gambling habit.

Woodbine Bias Report
: Speed still sucks except for maybe 7 furlongs. Justin Stein is 0 for his last 24. Note: That was as of Saturday. Stein won a race on Sunday. The cold jockeys as of Sunday are:

Fraser Corey 13 0 1 2 20.72 3 13%
Moore Matt 13 0 2 2 19.48 0 11%
Dos Ramos Richard Anthony 12 0 0 1 15.76 1 11%

Opinion: The argument for lost revenues by countries who can't take US customers is viable in the Antiqua WTO case

Several ADW's don't have Breeder's Cup contracts yet. Premier Turf Club does have one.
And I thought WEG called PTC a rogue organization.

WEG to begin common pool wagering with New Jersey just in time for the Breeder's Cup

Youbet to brief investors later this week on IRG investigation by the Feds

Nova Scotia to inject $375,000 into harness racing

ORC: WEG can't drop Sunday race dates ORC is showing that they aren't WEG's puppets anymore.

ORC releases Alcohol and Drug Policy notice

No Mr. Kaplan, the fact that tracks don't have turnstiles isn't why horse racing is stagnant at best. It is track takeout that keeps people from getting interested anymore.

Jockey's Guild Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Slew O' Gold Euthanized at 27


Anonymous said...

Hey Cangamble,

Do you think the timing of the Cdn International needs to be moved back to say early Sept? Some good horses are coming, but timing it so close to the Breeders Cup is stealing away potential runners.

Anonymous said...

The timing for it is ridiculous. Surely it could be at least three weeks prior to the Breeders.

Anonymous said...

Stein won with Roving Angel on Sunday....how can he be 0 for his last 24???

Anonymous said...

That stat was going into Sunday. I didn't look at the date at the top of the report. Now the cold jockeys are listed as:
COLD JOCKEYS Starts Wins Place Show Avg.
Odds Beaten
Favorites '06-'07
Fraser Corey 13 0 1 2 20.72 3 13%
Moore Matt 13 0 2 2 19.48 0 11%
Dos Ramos Richard Anthony 12 0 0 1 15.76 1 11%

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Monmouth's pick 4 and superfecta take is 15%. Because this is common pooling one would think the superfectas and pick 4 payoffs will be the same. But I guess not.

How much will WEG be taking off the top on these payouts for the privilege of us betting with them?