28 December 2007

Dale Baird Killed In Car Crash; NFL Picks

Dale Baird, the winningest trainer in US history, died in a car crash on Sunday. He was 72. He had amassed 9,445 career victories.

US sanctioned for online betting ban
The United States faces a token $21 million in annual trade sanctions as a result of its online betting ban, the World Trade Organization said Friday in awarding Antigua and Barbuda the right to target U.S. services, copyrights and trademarks....
The trade body (WTO) found that the U.S. had the right to prevent offshore betting as a means of protecting public order and public morals. But it said Washington was violating trade law by targeting online gambling without equal application of the rules to American operators offering remote betting on horse and dog racing.

So now, Antigua can legally legally pirate American films and music. I guess the horse racing lobby has more pull than the Arts lobby in the US. I just don't get how the US gets off banning internet gambling (minus horse racing). So much for capitalism and democracy. The US should legalize and centralize it out of Vegas. Gamblers will always find a way to lose their gambling money. Why not keep it within their borders and tax the legal bookmakers and casinos?

Wild Desert arrives for stud duty in NY

Baymount (BYM.v) closes $2 million private placement. It was done at 10 cents a share, and the stock was trading at 10 cents during the offering period pretty much. Investors who bought into the offering have to hold the stock for at least 4 months.
Graham Simmonds, President and CEO of Baymount stated, "We are delighted with the response and support from investors, many of whom are strategic, and to strengthen the company's financial position entering 2008. The company will now focus on the timely construction of the new Quinte Raceway and Slots and on establishing a smooth path to revenue and profitability."

Still no news on Fort Erie. Owners and trainers have no idea what kind of purse structure that horses will be running for. No incentive to go down south to replenish ones barn with new horses. And lots of Fort Erie's horse population have been sold or claimed down south. If they don't announce something soon, they might not be able to fill very many races.

Mountaineer has 232 race dates on tap for 2008

Bill Finley lists his top 10 Derby contenders for 2008


Alrighty, I went 2 and 1 last week to even out my total for the year to 23-23-2
Will I wind up over 500 for the year or won't I? This is a tough week. Many playoff teams have nothing to gain playing regulars. And the few teams vying for an undecided playoff spot are playing teams with no incentive to win. This is the first time I can remember where the last week of the NFL season has so few key games. Usually many playoff spots and home game advantages are still up for grabs going into the last week.

I like Atlanta by a point against Seattle. Atlanta will be playing for pride going into next year.

I like Denver at home against Minny. Even though it is a must win for Minny, Denver at home will be very tough. This looks like a lock to me even with Denver's poor run defense.

Detroit should cover against Green Bay. I can't see Green Bay risking Brett Favre for too long, and the Lions are a capable team.

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