20 December 2007

Headlines For December 20th

HBPA of Ontario joins new coalition

Still no official news on what is going to happen at Fort Erie. Other than the 80 days, I wonder what is happening with the plea to the OLG regarding purse help. I would still be amazed if Nordic gets any dough from the government.

OLG reimburses winners in another lottery scam Former convenience store owner who duped the customers, charged by the OPP, has 5 million dollars of assets frozen.

US settles with EU and Canada regarding internet gambling. Still allowing horse racing, the US must compensate the EU in other ways for violations of the WTO treaty
On Tuesday, the U.S. reached an agreement with the European Union, Canada, and Japan to grant increased levels of market access in four service areas: postal and courier, research and development, storage and warehousing, and testing and analysis.

Sealy Hill named Canada's horse of the year. Didn't deserve the Triple Tiara though.

Rick Zeron comments on dropped charges regarding the drug Aminorex

WEG, OHA reach one year agreement

Bill Finlay's Column: Past Posting is still going on and it hurts the integrity of the gam big time.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on why Seally Hill didn't deserve the Triple Tiara. Do you feel the horse should have been taken down in the Bison City??? Or, do you just feel the competition was weak?

Anonymous said...

The competition doesn't have anything to with it. According to Ontario rules of racing, when you cut off a horse, regardless whether the cut off horse had a chance to win or come second, the horse doing the infraction gets taken down.
I'm not saying I agree with the rule, but this isn't Australia or Dubai, it is Canada.
Sealy Hill clearly impeded another horse on her way to victory.