12 January 2008

Headlines For January 12th and NFL Playoff Picks

I started a thread at the Pace Advantage Forum regarding the cost of owning horses. Very interesting responses over there. Check it out. Some of the other posters have given rates for some of the American tracks.
For those who aren't members of the forum at Pace Advantage, most of the posters are very knowledgeable when it comes to horse racing, from handicapping to the industry in general.

Leading Fort Erie based trainers (most of these trainers are probably $55 a day or less):
Name Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
Mark Fournier 147 46 29 21 $375,886
Nicholas Gonzalez 129 34 22 19 $355,559
Lyle Morden 57 17 10 4 $127,440
Layne S. Giliforte 62 17 9 2 $129,416
Michaela Neubauer 96 16 20 8 $176,372
Debra E. Rombis 121 16 17 13 $167,128
Stacey Cooper 47 15 8 7 $124,800
John Attfield 70 15 5 11 $127,563
Daryl G. Ezra 102 14 17 23 $174,316
John Simms 79 14 11 13 $190,025
Donald C. MacRae 67 14 11 7 $121,708
Lynn M. Simon 63 13 8 12 $132,949
Michael Newell 92 12 17 15 $131,670
John R. Wilson 85 12 11 4 $125,590
Daniel Wills 75 11 10 17 $125,347
Paul Nielsen 52 11 6 2 $100,321
Michael R. Osborne 113 10 10 19 $136,472
Austin Hinds 107 9 15 15 $118,285

Too young. Canadian horse racing giant Tammy Samuel-Balaz dies at 47 from cancer.

I still can't find a criminal law in Canada that states that betting on Betfair or even setting up an account with a US ADW is illegal. But with few exceptions US ADW's will not accept Canadian customers, and that is thanks to collusive business practices courtesy of the Woodbine Entertainment Group, who has an unwritten motto "our customers are suckers, and should be treated accordingly."

US Feds bust Costa Rican internet bookmaking ring

Over 35,000 horses shipped to Canada for slaughter in 2007, over 44,000 sent to Mexico. How many were thoroughbreds?

Florida trainer Don Rice, 72, dies of injuries suffered in farm accident. Rice won 8 training titles at Tampa Bay Downs.

NFL Playoffs

I went 2-2 last week.

Today I like Seattle getting 7 and a half against Green Bay. My thought is that Green Bay has been overrated all year, and Seattle shouldn't lose by more than a touchdown here.

I like New England laying 13 and a half points. Jacksonville is one dimensional on offense, and if New England shuts off the run by focusing on it, the Jags are going to have a tough time scoring. And who knows how good New England really is, they've been on cruise control most of the year.

Tomorrow, I like San Diego getting 9 and a half against Indy. I'm a little perplexed as to why the spread has increased since the opening. Indy just doesn't impress me, and San Diego has quite a few offensive weapons, even with or without Gates.

I like the Cowboys by 7 and a half against the Giants, but again I'm surprised at the line being so small. Dallas should kick New York's butt.

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