14 June 2008

OLG Being Sued By Problem Gamblers

Ontario Lottery Gaming being sued by problem gamblers for $3.5 billion.

Bill Finley says it is INSANE to blame Desormeaux's ride for Big Brown's dismal performance.

Big Brown Log: Excuse number 34, The Starter Spooked Big Brown

Veteran Fort Erie trainer Norman Bowles mentions that morale at Fort Erie is very low.

Retired ORC vet at Fort Erie, Dr. Graham Gardiner dead at 73, after a lengthy illness.

Apprentice jockey Michelle Rainford out for 2008. That leaves low percentage apprentices Matt Moore, Melanie Pinto, and Catherine O'Brien as the options for trainers who want to take substantial weight at Woodbine. Maybe Richard Morrow should move his tack across the QEW.

Leading trainer at Assiniboia last year, Marty Drexler is struggling big time this year.

Congress hearing on the state of horse racing set for next Thursday A real time audio webcast will be available here.

Somebeachsomewhere the 8-5 Morning Line favourite in tonight's North American Cup at Mohawk.

Georgian Downs to add 550 slots


Anonymous said...

No offense to you at all (it's not you making the excuses) but I have to say it... I'm getting sick of hearing these bloody excuses for Big Brown from everyone. Kent rode a stupid race. Regardless of whether or not the horse spooked at the starter, he still had the ability to get to the lead or position himself a little better than he did in order to relax BB. A rank horse will run out of gas faster than anything and he proved and then some. He's always been very relaxed in his races and just cruises around with plenty in the tank, but that first portion of the race just zapped him of his energy and probably annoyed the hell out of him.

The public may not understand, but for those that have ridden or have seen enough races to realize this, you know that if you just fight and fight with them, they spend more energy battling with you and get more aggravated and have nothing left when you finally say "OK, let's go."

I also think Kent realized he screwed up and therefore pulled the horse up when he realized he had nothing left in the turn. He likely wanted to make it seem as though something was wrong rather than take blame after crossing the wire well beaten. I'm sure if the starter was the real issue Kent would have said something by now, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree that KD gave a lousy ride and did as you say, wasted a lot of the horse's energy going into the club house turn.
But I still think the biggest blame should go on the trainer. Regardless of the events going into the first turn, I don't think BB had it in him on Belmont Day. And it could have been Dutrow being over cocky in his training of the horse (keeping in mind the foot problems interrupting the training).
I think BB could have won the Belmont on Preakness day.

Anonymous said...

Does Ramsammy have any other move than going to front? It is quite comical watching him burn out every horse he's on.

Anonymous said...

just a thought im a racing fan whos been involved in horse racing over 30 years and been with very astute group for as many years yet im 1 guy i called a toronto radio station thefan590 on fri aft 445 to talk about the belmont i have thoughts that maybe the race is not on the up and up being very clear to some facts about the race pre race,,,, i said a hello to the good folks at the fort.... today sunday i get riped from high ups at the fort how bad i am for speaking my mind im not working for fort erie the fact that the radio station wants to call me talk about the race and horses as well has nothing to do with fort erie yet im trying to hurt the game when is the truth a bad thing why is what i do or call a radio station fort erie biz can any tell me ty hollywood

Anonymous said...

Anon about Ramsammy, he does win quite a few races on horses who seem unlikely. His style works a lot, despite the fact that the Poly favours come from behinders.

Anon, regarding telling the truth or your opinion (that you believe to be true), I say always go for it. It is the only way for things to change for the better (and the bettor:)
Horse racing loves to keep secrets that they feel ruin their reputation. What it causes is a deceitful atmosphere that turns many people off. Another reason why the game has a problem growing.