3 August 2008

The Haskell And The Breeders' Go Today

Here are free past performances for the Haskell. I couldn't find free PP's for the Breeders, so I can't link it.

I did some research and I'm a little disappointed to find out the Haskell is not named for Eddie Haskell.
The way I see the race is like this: Coal Play fights Magical Forest a little for the lead. Big Brown will wait to pounce from third with Atoned sitting fourth or fifth (the other horses in the race won't matter). The questions are 1) Will Desormeaux decide to pull Big Brown up or not midway around the far turn? 2) Will Coal Play get to slow down the pace enough to last in one of the first three positions? 3) Will Magical Forest only have to wear down Coal Play, or will he run second to Big Brown, if BB decides to show up today?

My selections in order: Magical Forest Big Brown Coal Play and Atoned.

The Breeders

I really like Deputiformer today. All indications are that he is the best grasser in the field, and that this should be his best race of the year (just looking at his current form cycle).
Palmers is the logical second choice. He likes the grass, looks like he can run all day, and Casse won this race last year.
Marlang might last for a piece, depending on how much pressure Pronger is able to give him.
I'd give Cryptonite Kid more consideration if he hadn't been off almost 6 weeks. He still might be good enough to figure into the tri or super.
And East End Tap seems to be maturing into a nice 3 year old. First time on the grass might makes him a difficult bet in exactors.

In the 7th race today at Woodbine, Touched By Madness is finally out again. Last time out he received a horrendous ride. He now gets Woodbine's leading jockey, though he is cutting way back in distance (to 6 1/2 on the turf), I think he'll have no problem mowing down Zetetic and Gantu (who both look like marginal grassers for this level).

Del Mar Cuts Purses Pretty sad that racing is actually going downhill as technology, and the ability to make a bet from anywhere in the world has gotten to an optimum point.
Open access and lower takeouts or forget about it.

Assiniboia Exercise Rider In The Middle of Jockey Betting Scandal Takes Off Back To Jamaica

Super Track Super John Passero leaving NYRA racetracks

Adena Springs Cancels 2009 Sales
Philosophy of not working the horses out fast before the sale may be good for the horse, but it is not so good for the sales price. Adena breds will now go to other sales.

I just check, The Paulick Report has links to most of the above stories as well, and more.


Valerie Grash said...

Here's the Breeders' PPs: http://www.brisnet.com/bris_link/pdfs/stronach_119390.pdf

I had them posted on the TBA homepage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I forgot Stronach had a horse in the race.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Sweet Lil Punky win a stakes at Fort Erie on sunday.Hmmmm this is the same mare that was vet scratched a woodbne on june 20th then re-entered to run and finished 2nd on june 25th.at Presque Isle Down's,but was in eligeble to enter until june 27th do to Ontario rules,wonder if the O R C should have taken some course of action and maybe making this trainer in eligeble to race for 90 day's craacking down on violation's the O R C has stated this year,if i had a filly or mare in the stake race sunday i would surely put in an appeal.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch the interview with Gustav Chickendance.the winning owner of the BREEDERS STAKES horse marlang.......... He sounded like a blithering fool.........just a thought maybe he should work with Jim Bannon,or H P I.he would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

The Woodbine on-air talent are by the far the worst horse handicappers in the business. I'm embarrassed for them when they make their picks.

Jen Morrison said...

re: Gus Shickedanz comment...
Mr. Schickedanz has had several strokes...

Anonymous said...

re ;Jen Surely if G Chickendance is not capable to do a post race interview,he shouldn't ,im sure Debbie England could have covered that,or Mr.chickendance's farm manager,I know Mr. Chickendance is a wealthy man but clearly his best years are far far behind him.

Anonymous said...

Railbird, have you ever heard of Steven Hawking? If someone is in bad health, why should he be precluded from doing interviews?
Duh, his best years are behind him. So what? Is there an age limit that should be imposed on people who get to go on post race interviews?

Maybe they should just send everyone who had strokes, heart attacks, cancer, Crohns, etc. to Mars. Do you like that idea?

Jen, the insensitivity of some of the people who post here..........sheesh!

Anonymous said...

mars? i was thinking a boat down the niagara river straight to the falls and dont pass go!

martytheonemanparty said...

I recently discovered this message board and noticed someone was making selections for races at Woodbine...Is he/she drawing his choices out of a hat or attempting to predict who will finish last???