25 August 2008

How About Universal Betting Payouts?

Track payouts are just another example to show how disconnected the racing jurisdictions are to each other. How do we expect universal drug laws from an industry that can't even set payout standards?

What do I mean by payout standards?

Just peruse the results of various racetracks and try to find some consistency when it comes to exotic payouts.

Note: Base does not mean minimum bet, it means how the payoff is shown on Equibase and at ADWs.

Woodbine uses $1 base for Pick 3's, Pick 4's, and Supers, while using a $2 base price for triactors.

Ellis Park and Saratoga use a $2 base for all exotics.

Monmouth uses a $1 base price for all exotics (excluding doubles and exactors) except for their Pick 5 which uses a $0.50 base.

Del Mar (California main circuit) uses a $1 base for most exotics, including exactors (almost every other track uses a $2 base for exactors), except they use a $2 base for doubles, quinellas, and the Pick 6.

Mountaineer uses a $2 base for everything. But they call exactors "perfectas" (there has to be a Pulp Fiction joke in there somewhere).

I think I'll stop here. I've made my point.

The main problem I have with all this is when I view probable payoffs or results that don't have the base amount next to it. And this happens a lot. I have to take an educated guess many times, and sometimes I'm wrong, and even if I'm right, it sometimes needlessly hurts my brain.

Maybe HANA (The Horseplayers Association Of North America) can get the industry to at least fix this. Then maybe we can get uniform drug rules too, and maybe I'll win a giant lottery too.

Did You Know?

Helen Marie King is Helen Marie Vanek's new name. She is riding at Prairie Meadows right now.

Also, Patricia Trimble is riding at Pinnacle these days.

Northland Park did over $1 million in handle on "Derby Day"
Almost as much as Woodbine does on a Wednesday night. Maybe their management needs to takeover at WEG. Imagine, what kind of handle they could have had if they were dealing with WEG's audience and resources.

Ellis raises purses another 10%


Anonymous said...

That Northlands Park thing was interesting.

They did $565,220 on track. When was the last time Woodbine did that? Do they even release on track handle figures?

Also was funny to see only 7 grand bet by New York.

Anonymous said...

Northlands last 4 on-track handles:

Sunday- 98,372
Saturday- 565,220
Friday- 116,834
Wednesday- 82,552

Alberta has the worst horse racing product in the world. The New Yorkers aren't stupid. They probably saw the first race and thought they were watching a spaghetti western.

Anonymous said...

Well Woodbine has about 4 bettable races a week.

At least they run on dirt in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

Eclusive to C G...........Apprentice jockey Richard Morrow has been riding without a whip since returning to riding after a suspension the 5 star bug has been given a 20 race no whip probation, in which he has a couple mounts left,to get his stick.

Anonymous said...

At Fort Erie today in the 4rth race there was a complete refund on the race ,stating it was a malfunction of the toteboard,well the windows were still open while the horses hit the wire.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, Northlands did 1 million+ on an avg night with 200,000 bet in the win-4 alone.

Now they are lucky to do 200,000 on an avg night's card.