2 January 2009

Note From OHHA: Leave It To The ORC

Ontario Harness Horse Association upset at WEG's Fascist tactics
The OHHA believes that it is the ORC's job to regulate the industry, not WEGs. WEG has been banning suspected drug violators (horsemen) from WEG owned tracks, using a guilty before proven guilty approach.

Robert Leatham rips David Willmot on the contract problems. Another article by Leatham here.

Note to Leatham, if you are going to write something inflammatory about David Willmot, you should spell his name right. It helps your cause when others are searching his name on the internet.

My take on the subject is that it must be very frustrating for to understand that cheating is occurring regularly (most likely) in racing when it comes to illegal drugs. However, the way to go about stopping it is by increasing fines and suspensions by the ORC, and most importantly, increasing testing. Of course, in order to increase testing they need a bigger budget. That can happen if they LOWER track takeouts. Their bottom line will increase.

Horsemen in Quebec not getting too much sympathy from the public as they send horses to the abattoir. The industry is Quebec is dead, but how horsemen can sell race horses, and retired horses for meat is beyond my comprehension.
These horsemen don't belong in the business.

Some of the victims of the Santa Claus killer were horse owners in California

Well, Pull The Pocket was wrong in December 2007 saying racing was at the bottom.
In 2008 it found a brand new bottom. What does 2009 have in store?

TVG and NYRA finally sign agreement.

Baymount Incorporated provides year end update.

NFL Playoff Predictions

There are four home dogs in the four games this weekend. Bet them all and you'll probably go 3 for 4.

Philly and Atlanta are being hyped up by the media. Don't buy it.

I have a feeling Warner is going to pull it off for Arizona. I just hope he doesn't ramble on about God affecting the outcome in post game interviews.

Miami might just do it. They've been tough all year, and I just don't think Baltimore will score enough to win.

It was amazing that San Diego got up to make the playoffs. Mike Shanahan deserved to be fired. Give Cutler a deep threat and find a way to protect the running backs a little better and next year and they'll be much better. Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal are too similar.

Indy should have been favored by a lot more. The bookies know something.


Anonymous said...

Normally, I do not like WEG or Willmot, but sh1t-canning the dopers is a great idea. WEG wouldn't need to do this if the ORC did its job properly.

Anonymous said...

After reading Leatham's rants, I recommend he be committed to 999 Queen St. W. in Toronto.
(whoops its 1001 Queen West now) until he gets rational.

Why? Clearly Private property rights trump any other rights and Leatham knows or should know this, hence his rant is one of total ignorance.

Who am I? I'm a bettor living off the avails of my betting skills. I employ my own speed/shape ratings and visual handicapping. Visual handicapping allows me to see what most bettors do not see, namely "hyped-up" horses, and constant talking by drivers during warm-ups. Since the ORC can't or won't do anything about these 2 problems, (as well as other problems) WEG is supplying the last line of defence by exercising their private property rights. May WEG and Mr. Willmot never surrender their stance on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Why keep betting the jugheads if you know that is crooked?

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:53

Why keep betting harness? you ask.

Only because I'm still showing a profit.
Much lower than previous.
I spot bet and my total number of bets has dropped. (PS. I only risk $x per bet, because when you grind, like I do, risk must be kept as low as possible).