21 March 2009

Fort Erie Hopes To Fill Stalls And Fill Races

Daryl Wells Jr. reports that Fort Erie has 500 stall applications already. The track will be open for training early in the week.
They need to add more to the bottom claiming races and eliminate allowance races and claiming races above $14,000. If an owner thinks their horse is worth more than that, prove it, and run at Woodbine.
By upping the purses for bottoms, they are sure to attract quite a few more horses, especially with Ohio being in the dumper big time right now.
Canadian bred claiming races could draw many horses from across Canada as well, plus they would be a good out for many Canadian owner/breeders.

Equibase is having a free contest today (Turfway Handicapping Challenge). The winner gets $500. Looks like a lot of chalk.

Three Account Betting Companies Given Notice In Maryland Outside of the Preakness, I don't know very many people who even follow Maryland racing. Especially after increasing takeout recently, I don't see the circuit being missed at all.
I'm not for tracks closing, but if they must, Maryland is a perfect place for it to happen.

Top ADW companies post their numbers in Oregon

The shift continues from live betting to betting on the internet. The only way for horsemen and tracks to take advantage of the shift (and not continue to lose out on the shift) is to start their own ADWs.

Don't shoot the messenger: I'm totally against the slaughter of race horses

Vet argues for horse slaughterhouses. Calls it the lesser of evils.

Meanwhile, prices are up over 30% for slaughtered horses.

Jeff Platt, President of HANA interviewed by Case For Race Anyone still kicking the tires about joining HANA should read the interview.

New Blog Worth Reading: The Science Of Horse Training

Paul Moran Chimes In On The Horse Racing Sport Versus Gambling Debate

No gambling means no horse racing. End of debate.

But if you don't think that ends the debate read Is Racing a Sport and Horseracing Is For Horseplayers (Power Cap gets it)

Magna Entertainment Writes Down $136 Million In Assets Well duh! I guess the assets are really less than the liabilities after all. Isn't that why they went into bankruptcy protection?

Meanwhile, Stronach The Destroyer Has No Intention Of Leaving The Track Ownership Business

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Anonymous said...

In regards to Maryland, I'm all for tracks closing. Especially the ones near the eastern seaboard. Too many tracks running there. We need less reacetracks.