20 February 2010

Map Of USA and Canadian Harness Racetracks

I had a few requests to make a map of standarbred tracks in the USA and Canada, since putting together the Thoroughbred Racetrack Map. So I decided to get behind the computer and focus. Again, please be patient, it loads a bit slow. In the meantime, check the left sidebar:

View Harness Racetracks in a larger map
Zoom in to view overlapped tracks. Left click and hold to move the map in any direction.

You'll notice the pinkish red icons on the map and green icons. Click the green icons and you will see confirmed takeout rates, while the other rates are non confirmed or simply missing (you'd be amazed at how difficult it is to find takeout rates on many standardbred tracks, especially accurate rates). If anyone knows of any mistakes, please leave corrections in the comment section.




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That Blog Guy said...

I realize they are very minor tracks or very short meets, but there is harness racing at Thunder Ridge (Prestonburg, KY), Bluegrass Downs (Paducah, KY), Delaware County Fair (home of the LBJ). There is a short three day meet at the North Dakota Horse Park (Fargo, ND) which has not been scheduled for 2010. Unfortunately, I can't find their takeout rates. As you suggested, they aren't easy to track down.

Cangamble said...

I do have the Delaware Fair. You have to zoom in.
Check out main Google page, and you can zero in on tracks via the sidebar.
There is also a short meet in Illinois as well.
I'm not sure that I want to include really short meets though. I didn't include California Fair tracks in the thoroughbred map.

Anonymous said...

This map is really neat, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Great job with the Google track map & take-outs. Pennsylvania definately doesn't want anyone to bet their product & if they do bet it they try their best to make sure nobody wins with those high rakes. It was nice to see Ron Waples (a hall of fame harness racing driver/trainer) say on their national broadcast of Monday night Woodbine racing on the Score that the take-outs have to be lowered for this game to compete. Now all we have to do is convince the people who have the power to make these changes?