12 June 2010

I Told You So: Marsh Side Reinstated

I wrote this right after the Northern Dancer at Woodbine last fall:

Stewards Flipped The Coin And Got It Wrong In Northern Dancer
Unfortunately, on this Youtube video you don't get to see the head on (you can if go to Cal Racing or HPI replays), but the disqualification of Marsh Side was a bad call. There was no apparent bumping between Marsh Side and Quijano, and both jockeys were hitting with right hand while moving to the inside in tandem. If anything, Quijano would have squeezed Champs Elysee regardless of whether Marsh Side was in the race or not. Again, if the Stewards have to look at a race for more than two minutes, they should let the results stand.

The eventual winner had the common sense to get away from the rail as his jockey anticipated the tight quarters. Champs Elysee did get shut off, but I have a problem blaming Marsh Side for it.
I am pretty sure that this call will be overturned, and the bettor who picked the best horse in the race, will wind up getting screwed.
Well guess what?

Disqualified stakes winner reinstated

This disqualification was absolutely a horrible call. And it occurred on a race that had over $600,000 bet on it, plus it was the first leg of a Win 4 that had over $100,000 bet into it.

The question is how did the Stewards see something that didn't happen? It was a lengthy inquiry as well if memory serves me well.

This is why Stewards should be given 3 to 5 minutes tops to make a decision. And only use visual evidence. There is really no point to hear a jockey plead his or her case and give what must amount to a very biased opinion, possibly swaying a Steward or two.

The public wants decisions based on visual evidence. They can live with it. And given a choice, I'm sure most bettors could live with a horse being thrown out in an appeal, but this reinstating the best horse who was thrown out is simply (pardon my French) bull crap.

Another Good Article On Current Fort Erie Leading Rider Krista Carignan
Good to see a jockey go to the tapes in an effort to improve her game. And learning from a trip handicapping trainer isn't a bad move either.

Arlington All Source Handle Down 31%: Purses Slashed
Lets see: High Takeouts (Arlington Ranks 40th out of 69 tracks in HANA's Takeout Ratings). Restricted signal (not all ADWs have Arlington on the menu). A high distribution fee for its signal. And the restricting of ADWs to rebating a maximum of 2%, unless the bettor bets more than a million a year.

In today's betting environment, where many Horseplayers who bet good money are shopping around to give them the best chance to make a profit, the way Arlington is doing things is a recipe for disaster. And polytrack doesn't help, but by far, that isn't the main reason the track had such dismal results.

The Horseplayer has been awakened, and racetracks better realize this or suffer the consequences.


Anonymous said...

you're right about serious bettors avoiding tracks that try to maximize their profits by lowering player rewards to their best customers.
until these tracks see the light let them feel the heat.

The_Knight_Sky said...

CanGamble wrote:

Again, if the Stewards have to look at a race for more than two minutes, they should let the results stand.


I agree. But it seems that the longer it takes while the numbers are flashing on the toteboard, the higher the likelihood that "they're making sure" with the riders before making the change.

I think in a majority of instances the race results should stand and the penalties if found blatantly guilty should be much stiffer than mere slaps-on-the-wrists.