11 April 2008

Cangamble's Top Seven Jockeys For Woodbine 2008

My list of top jockeys at Woodbine this year (how I predict the standings will end up, barring injuries).
1. Emile Ramsammy
2. Patrick Husbands
3. Chantal Sutherland
4. Eurico Rosa Da Silva
5. Emma Jayne Wilson
6. Dean Deverell
7. Tyler Pizarro

Please note: I am not a paid advertiser for Betfair or any other company. In fact, I don't get compensated for this blog in any way shape or form.

Betfair has today's Woodbine card on its roster, which also includes Gulfstream, Keeneland, Santa Anita and Aqueduct among others.

Today Daniel David has a couple of very live mounts on Touch of Jazz in the 7th and Quinner's Circle in the 9th. If Danny D. stayed healthy and only raced at Woodbine, he would easily make the top 7 list.

For anyone curious of how Betfair works, here is a tutorial type video (don't be confused by the pounds being used as currency, one can use Canadian or American dollars just the same):

Premier Turf Club just added Finger Lakes, Delaware and Prairie Meadows to its ever growing line up. Premier understands the bettor, unlike WEG, who understands how to milk the bettor dry.

Buffalo Casino Gaining Patrons Not good news for Fort Erie.

Lone Star wants agreements with ADW's where an equal split occurs between the ADW, the track and the horsemen. Update: Forgot to mention that Lone Star has introduced a new Pick 5 with a low 12% track takeout. Their overall takeout is still on the high side. And good luck getting full payoffs through HPI if you are lucky enough to hit the new bet.

Fatalities on the race course: 'The revised figures released by The Jockey Club April 10 show 2.02 fatalities per 1,000 starts on dirt and 1.47 on synthetic surfaces.'

Stuck In Traffic and Not Bourbon meet on Saturday at Woodbine
. If you are a bettor, Saturday's first half of races suck. Brace Yaselfsheila has a good shot in the 7th and in the 9th, I like Severi.


Anonymous said...

Cangamble, love your blog and its bookmarked. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what Lone Star is doing. I never understood how tracks could make deals with rebate shops or ADW's, and then BITCH about how all their wagering comes from off site and they don't recieve as much revenue. This makes sense, and if most tracks follow, I'd imagine that ADW's would have no choice but to accept it. It may mean a reduction in rebates for some whales and not sure what else. Lower handle I'm assuming, maybe that might only be short term. For the record I live in Toronto and bet with pinnacle, but I don't have to worry about getting booted like your friend, I hardly win.

Anonymous said...

Anon, thanks for the compliments. You asked for my opinion on the ADW situation:
1. Prices tracks charge for signal fees are far too low. There should be a standard fee, whether it is half the takeout or 2 thirds the takeout....it should be the same for every track within the industry.

2. Ideally, every track should be set up like Woodbine, with their own betting platform. Of course, they have to have rules of who they can take as customers so as not to step on the jurisdiction that is closest to it. In other words, I don't see any reason why Fort Erie doesn't have their own platform. This of course would mean that ADW's like Youbet would have to disappear.


One centrally run North American betting hub that takes out a small percentage for expenses but tracks get the overwhelming majority of the commission based on their home area clients which would have to be divided up by the areas between two racetracks.
Other money taken in from outside North America just goes to the tracks being bet on.

And of course, all this is just a dream, albeit a realistic one...and lets not forget takeouts being capped at 15% max:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. I didn't know how easy it was to play Betfair. It is great!
Can't see me betting with HPI to much more maybe never.
How come you left Jimmy Mack off your list. I wonder why.
Great blog and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I like playing the exotics, that is why I don't do a lot on Betfair.

But you'll be amazed how long you can last on Betfair compared to HPI. A lot more fun, and by the end of the day, you'll probably lose just as much as you would of on HPI (hopefully you'll be a long term winner, but gambling is a tough game no matter how low the takeout is).

Regarding McAleney: I think I temporarily forgot about him. With Baker and Assmunchen as his clients he should hit the top 4 or 5.

Even I make mistakes:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cangamble
I am reading your blog for the first time,after reading your letters to Jen.
I actually wrote in to support you and you and another reader wrote back and criticised me for my "leftist" views.
I was slightly ticked off,more so by you because I was actually on the same side of this issue as you.I don't belong to any political party,and I have my own individual code of ethics,some left,some centre,some right.Putting labels on other people is insulting,and putting them on yourself is just silly and limits yourself. Conrad Black and Ken Lay are both capitalists!!!
Having said that,I believe that you are right to keep hammering away at the exhorbitant take-outs,and people who find it annoying are idiotic.
I think ALL tracks are taking out much too much,not just WEG,and instead of making comparisons to other tracks,which just gets people sending in more and more statistics and diverting the discussion,it would be better to criticize the whole industry.
A couple of weeks ago at Gulfstream,there was a 2 horse race where the favourite was 1/2 and the "outsider"was 4/5.This shows pretty clearly how ridiculous the take out is.
In England,the outsider of 2 is always at least evens or the public would refuse to bet.
Speaking up once does not work,you have to keep doing it if you want results,so keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, it wasn't me who called you a Leftist. I too am pretty much a Centrist, and I have many views considered left, but when it comes to big business, I'm on the right.
I know I didn't agree with one of your reasons, but I can't remember which one it was, and I do realize though, we are on the same side on this issue, and yes, it is an industry problem, but Woodbine is probably one of the largest guilty parties, and since I live in Ontario, they are an easier focus for me. I don't like talking second hand about other jurisdictions I'm not that familiar with.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thats all.