8 April 2008

Gambling Is A Huge Source of Jobs and Income For Canadians

Gambling a big deal for economy with 267,000 jobs, $15.3B revenue: industry
I predict it will become even bigger once Canada wakes up and allows more players into the industry like exchange betting, etc. Companies that are benefiting from Canadian gamblers already will hopefully have a choice to come here, creating more Canadian jobs, or Canadian companies can branch out and compete properly for the Canadian gambler's disposable dough.

Ontario leads the pack with 102,236 jobs created and sustained by the industry, followed by Quebec ( 51,636), Alberta (43,342) and British Columbia (32,246). The numbers include direct employment in gambling operations, employment in gambling-related government and charity organizations, and employment in professions that service and support the gambling sector.

Across the country, more than 135,000 Canadians are directly employed in the gaming industry, the country's largest entertainment industry, the study says.

Lawmakers told US Internet Ban Almost Impossible to Enforce
GOOD! It is a stupid ban. And it hasn't helped horse race operators one bit either.

Horse racing has remained stagnant in growth but ADW's have been picking up the slack from those who have stopped going to the track:
Oregon Hub Wagering Up 17%

Mountaineer CEO Will Quit At End of Year It looks like the strike has been settled. Meanwhile, Mountaineer is losing money. But they expect a big turnaround this year.

Storm Cat needs Viagra

Curtains down for Moscow Ballet at 26

ORC wants feedback regarding having Hitching Fees in Standardbred Racing
That means they want to know if they should pay down to last place like they do in thoroughbred racing here.

I say, of course they should. The operators of race tracks in Ontario for the most part are in the ENTERTAINMENT business. They aren't into gambling growth or the track takeouts wouldn't be a joke.
All actors and actresses should therefore be paid when they run.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Morrison is letting Woodbine suckasses who probably have never made a bet in their life take over her blog comments.
She should be on our side more. There are more bettors than there are Woodbine managers and horse owners.

Anonymous said...

Jen gets a lot of Woodbine owners and I believe management viewing her blog daily. Obviously, the ones who aren't liking what I have to say are either management or non betting (or $2 betting) owners. I know I have woke up quite a few people from the emails I receive. I just wish they would comment more here or on her blog. Jen prints 90% of my comments for that I give her credit.
Jen does a great job making odds too. I really mean that.

Anonymous said...

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