22 June 2009

Chantal Sutherland Has A New Web Site Join HANA

I know that many people just found this link by searching "Chantal Sutherland." I am being up front here, letting you know that I am exploiting this fact by also trying to talk you into joining the Horseplayers Association Of North America (HANA). If you are a horseplayer, I see no reason why you shouldn't join.

OK, first, like I promised in my post title, here is a link to Chantal Sutherland's new web site. Thank me by coming back and joining HANA (I know you might not be back here for a half hour, but I'm patient).

If you are already a member, tell your horseplayer friends to join. Send them the following link in an email: http://www.jcapper.com/HANA/SignUp/HANASignUpForm.asp?source=1 and you can add Chantal's site too if you wish: http://www.jockeychantalsutherland.com/ . You can also simply email this blog post.

The cost of joining the Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA) is free, but we need bigger numbers to have more clout. Currently we have just under 1200 members (including over 200 from Canada). Here is what one of the HANA founders stated, on the Pace Advantage Forum, about HANA, to someone wondering why he should join:

HANA is what it is. There are no secrets, no magic answers, or magic questions. Horse racing has tried to hoodwink its customers and treated them so poorly for at least three generations that the last thing any horseplayer organization should do is the same.

If you want lower prices so horse racing can compete with other games, and bring new gamblers into the fold and grow the sport, you would be at home in HANA.

If you are tired of seeing racetrack executives that have absolutely zero knowledge of gambling in charge of this game, and want to see new blood, or the old blood expelled from this control, you have a home at HANA.

If you are tired of seeing old time deals, like the data deals which bend horseplayers over the barrel, making them pay thousands of dollars a year for the privilege of giving 25% of each dollar bet to play and support racing, you have a home at HANA.

If you are tired of seeing "tote delay" on your screen because of 1978 technology and no one standing up to do anything about it, you have a home at HANA.

If you are tired of seeing multiple rules violations being treated like a misdemeanor, while seeing treatment of said violations in innumerable ways by jurisdiction, you have a home at HANA.

If you disagree with that stance on those issues, and similar ones, you would not feel at home at HANA. It really is as simple as that. We are not everything to everyone, and would never try to be. We are here for horseplayers, and here to help grow the game of racing, promoting a sea-change in thought, and a sea-change in the way this business has operated.

The business has been run into the ground the last dozen years due to the intransigence and lack of expertise of its leadership, and it is time that it is stopped. In any other business they would be long gone by now, but in horse racing, they need to have that control pried out of their monopolistic fingers.

To join HANA, simply fill out the form here:

You have absolutely no obligation to do anything after you join up. Your participation is valued, but absolutely not required.

The board members do have a weekly conference call every Wednesday night, so if you have an issue you think we should look at, there are many ways to get in touch with us.

HANA has a web site: http://www.horseplayersassociation.org/

HANA has a Forum: http://www.paceadvantage.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=61

HANA has an email address: horseplayersassociation@gmail.com

HANA has a blog (really, you check it out): http://blog.horseplayersassociation.org/

HANA also has a Yahoo Group we support: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/handletalks/

HANA has also put together the most up to date track takeout chart on the internet:

Again, join HANA, and check out Chantal's website too:)

And don't forget to tell your friends to join as well.

Woodbine Handle for Queen's Plate day up 5.85% from last year

Not sure if Queen's Plate was held on Father's Day last year. But the figures are still impressive in light of the fact that handle has been down around 8-9% almost everywhere in North America so far this year. Did horse racing finally hit bottom?

The increase could be partly due to Woodbine's new agreement with TVG, but more probably is related to their new Turbo Charged Pick 6. Players who normally wouldn't handicap Woodbine yesterday may have made selections, and then were compelled to bet on the individual races besides betting the Pick 6.

$140,000 was added to the pool yesterday in new money bet. But it was hit. Without the $150,000 Woodbine put in, they may have got $10-$20,000 into that pool because it was Queen's Plate day and there would have been a small carryover to begin with. Unfortunately for Woodbine, someone hit it yesterday so they will be putting in another $150,000 next Sunday to Turbo Charge the pool.

So, assuming that this betting gimmick didn't get bettors to play other races (which is probably a bad assumption), on the surface, Woodbine lost around $120,000 so far. It is early though. Lets see what the future brings.

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